You know, stuff.
2005-07-17 08:47:29 ET

I have had the entire weekend off and you know what I have done, absolutely nothing! It feels odd, not having something to do every day, having someone call me up to go out or what not, but in time, I am sure I will meet some new people, because as we all know, I am a total people person, like a moth to a flame it is!
Last weekend was enjoyable, I went with Lucifer and Lux, we got to see Combichrist when they stopped here in the midst of their tour. They were marvelous by the way, of course, I have seen them before but in this context, it was far superior. I however regrettably missed the entire mess that took place with Karloz of Manufactura, we decided that we were feeling a tad too tired for the Castle, the local goth/industrial club where the after party was being held, we had already been there the night before. Sigh, I always miss the fun stuff, drunken industrial musicians being pummeled by goth club bouncers who are old school punks and psychobilly guys, yeah, those are definitely guys you do not want to mess with. Next time though, I will be there and I shall report on it!
Other than that, I am in the midst of a massive bleaching of my bangs, as of now, they look interesting, flamey, in time though, I hope they will be ridiculously white, like the rest of me, ha ha. When my bangs are to my specifications, I shall post some pictures for you to enjoy, so you can ask what were you thinking, why did you do this, and so forth.
I saw two movies this week, we finally got to see War of the Worlds, which was fanstastic by the way, for any of you who have not had the oppurtunity to see the film yet, I found the film to be far more frightening than Land of the Dead which I found myself disappointed in after all the build-up. Than on Friday night, we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in a word, magnificant, this film was everything I had hoped and more, I recommend everyone drop what they are doing and go now to see it! It was nice to see a more light hearted movie since I noticed that I only watch with darker themes to them, not to say Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is not dark, it is, but you can expect no less from the mind of Tim Burton. It was also terribly funny, which is always a positive, especially with my melancholy mood as of late. I now have high hopes for The Devil's Rejects that comes out next week, it had better be good or else... *Shakes fist*
And for all of those who are attending the LA Industrial Music Festival, you suck and I hate you, so there. *Sticks out tongue* Heh, just kidding, enjoy yourselves and remember to drink plenty of liquids, ahem. ~_^

2005-07-17 09:18:28 ET

remember to use toner if you want your hair exceptionally white !

2005-07-17 11:20:46 ET

what exactly happenned with karloz anyway?

i keep hearing that something happenned but no one actually says what ;-P

2005-07-17 16:24:39 ET

Predator: Lucifer has been doing my hair and she is using toner, I am elated, my bangs are turning out great! :D
Turbo: Well, this is how I heard it: After the show, they had the after party at The Castle, Karloz imbibed a bit too much and started causing trouble. When the bouncers tried to make him leave, he did not take to that too well and pulled a knife, supposedly. After someone pulls a knife on you, there is only so much you can do, so one of the bouncers slammed him in the stomach with a 2x4 and they all proceeded to kick the crap out of him. Yes, much insanity there was, I wish I knew more detials, there are so many conflicting stories.

2005-07-18 17:38:42 ET

karloz made a surprise i guess he recovered quickly!

oh, and in a random tidbit of amusing information, since im pretty sure you're the only one i can think of of my friends who actually knows who they are - i deleted dimmu borgir's myspace profile today ;-P

2005-07-18 18:56:15 ET

I really dislike that group, least not for their pictures.

2005-07-18 19:04:48 ET

i personally cant stand em either but then im just not a fan of black metal in general.

they were deleted because, in an attempt to assure people of their "oh-so-evilness" (as all death/black metal bands must do) they were posting bulletins for their fans to perform "deeds" for them. these "deeds" involved soliciting people to harass other users for no apparent reason X-D

bye bye dimmu!

2005-07-18 19:09:09 ET

Hahaha. That's in worse taste than their music. ;) Anyways, their evil cannot compare with the rot of myspace.

2005-07-18 19:30:46 ET

tru dat

2005-07-19 11:26:55 ET

Turbo: Ha ha, though I actually enjoy the cheesy, over dramatic theatrics of black metal, that is terribly amusing. When you mentioned deeds, I thought you meant sacrificing goats or burning down churches, since that is so uber black metal. ;p

2005-07-19 16:37:10 ET

yeah...they broke da roolz...i thought of you <3


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