Get Your Tickets Now!!!
2005-07-21 19:59:29 ET

So yeah, I go to check my email and lo and behold, there is an email, from House of Blues, letting me know not to miss The Killers, yep, they know my musical tastes well. Out of sheer morbid curiousity, I check the email and my eyes were blessed to see that Ministry w/ RevCo tickets are going on sale!!! I let out a happy little squeak, it was really very cute, you should have been there but than I clicked on it. While the tickets go on sale Saturday there is only one date listed, HOB Anaheim and it is not until May 23rd...of next year! Um...yeah, I do believe that is the earliest ticket release date I have ever seen, how dare they get my hopes up, bastards!!! *Much irritated fist shaking* Ah well, at least I know that eventually, Ministry w/ RevCo will be here because they are going to be touring, huzzah! I just wish it were sooner than next year, feh. >_<;

2005-07-23 05:33:21 ET

You know thats really not much of an email at all. I mean, if you waited at a major venue until May of next year, odds are good you'd see every band you wanted to by then. They may as well have said, "Ministry and RevCo still exist!" 0_o

2005-08-06 21:14:10 ET

yeah, I agree, the killers are one of the best bands every. Thjats why while drunk at ground control I sang Mr. Brightside. Watch out baby" " out on my feet and I'm just doing fine gotta gotta make it out ....." fuck its great. ROFL I did and it was good. But I did nitzer ebb and interpool to so oh yeah.

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