2005-08-07 20:16:34 ET

Allo all. It has been a bit of awhile since I have found the time or the energy to update my journal. I am in the process of looking for a second job so that I may have more disposable income, which would be lovely as there are many things that I need the money for, not the least of which is having some spending money for my trip back to Southern California during Halloween which is in the great month of October, huzzah! Plus as always, there are many articles of clothing and spiffy shoes that are currently calling out my name, sigh, I wish I could somehow calculate the absorbant amount of money I have spent on clothing and shoes in the last three years or so..wait, what am I saying, that is the last thing I want to know! It would only shock and depress me, not to mention the irrepairable mental damage it would cause other people when they read it...hmm, well, that part it not so terrible, heh. ~_^
I gave up my idea of trying to bleach my bangs out completely white, tis impossible it is! Five bleachings, that I can remember anyways, there were probably more, and my hair was never near white, cept at my roots, argh! So instead, I am just going to dye my bangs random colors to suit my fancy at the time, currently they are a royal blue, soon, they will be a scarlett red, I do believe I am going to enjoy this. I am also weighing other hair options, as I am just simply bored with it as is, perhaps bangs or maybe something more drastic, I do not know. *shrugs* I am also planning on getting an industrial ear piercing this month and am currently debating getting my nose pierced, some feedback concerning this would be simply fantastic, though in the end, I will just end up doing what I want to do despite your opinions.
Ah well, a short update is better than no update right, so I shall leave it at this for the time being, ta for now!

2005-08-08 11:49:44 ET

If you get started now you should have plenty by october, you'll likely end up spending it on some random item you just-cant-live-without, if I might guess.
Great picture on the tombstone by the way, funny and strange and hot, very DivineDecay, if I do say so myself, which I do.

2005-08-08 15:01:01 ET

when you come to visit. i can do your hair ! i know you will probubly be broke, but if you want to do a trade... i am sure you have some stuff you want to get rid of !!!

p.s. miss you <3

oh and go for piercings, i know it if werent for my mum i would have a face full of metal by now.

2005-08-08 20:11:38 ET

Plasticity: Um yeah, my self control when it comes to spending is almost non-existent, I try though...and fail.
Heh, thank you for the compliments, I knew you of all people would appreciate the joke. ~_^
Predator: Yea, that would be awesome. I probably will be broke but who knows? As for a trade, well, I was thinking of getting rid of my purple Dane top, as it does not fit me any longer, and is no longer my style as I am going for a more industrial/deathrocky look currently, interested?
I miss you too, and Mr. Turbo!
I probably will, now that I am away from the parental units, freedom! ^_^

2005-08-09 07:56:11 ET

:strokes chin: seems we are on the same wavelength because i was thinking about the dane top but did not want to be to forward or provacative ( haha i sound like an old man trying to seduce you ! )


2005-08-10 20:36:33 ET

Predator: Yes, but are you a dirty old man, cause I am not interested unless you are. Heh heh, amusing we were both thinking of the same top, excellent! XD Well, we can talk about it, as I am definitely looking to get rid of it, and I recall that you wanted first crack at it if I ever wished to part with it.

2005-08-11 08:13:29 ET

yeah you keep me posted on any other cybergoth items you are going to X out of your closet :D

cant wait to see you again !

2005-09-12 10:08:00 ET

Noise piercing you with it ?? hummm that all depends I guess what type of jewlery are you getting ??

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