Comings and Goings
2005-09-15 21:07:14 ET

Allo all, yes, I still live, the Florida sun and weather has failed in it's diabolical scheme to melt me...for now. It has been a rather long delay between postings, but there simply is not terribly much going on in my life that is worth taking out the time to post.
Frankly, I am quite bored, to the point that I am either going to start my own band though I have no musical talents whatsoever or become a serial killer, because I live in Florida those are my only two career paths, I think I am leaning towards serial killer though, I'd be better at that I believe. I could just blame it on some hapless jerk, the police would believe me since I am a weak, pitiful women, I could not possibly have the phisiology to commit a crime such as that, no, never, gasp, such a scandalous thought! Ha ha, wow, that just kind of trailed off didn't it, I do that sometimes, overly active/tired mind.
I am in the process of looking for a second job, working at Hot Topic simply does not afford me much disposable income, as in none at all, plus, there are many events coming up for which I must save up for, Bauhaus tickets for one, Depeche Mode tickets for another, Horror Nights at Busch Gardens Tampa, ScreamFest, and a secret expenditure which I cannot discuss as of yet, yep, it is all spine tingly dingly. Ah well, I am sure my state of affairs will improve in the next few months as I will be working much more and the weather will become livable, I like being able to go out during the day, walk around and not lose 2lbs in sweat like I did earlier this week, all just to send off some auction items and go the the local library where I checked me out some fine books, one of which I have already finished. The other one is Beyond Good and Evil by Fredrick Neitzche, heh, cause I need a bit of light reading, plus my mood of late has been philisophical.
I also plan to take some new pictures this weekend, I bought a new vinyl corset and Lucifer is going to fluff my hair all deathrock style, so if you were ever curious to see what I would look like with Sioxsie Sioux hair, you will be satisfied soon. And I probably spelled her name wrong, it is late, what do you people want from me?! *Shakes fist* ~_^

2005-09-26 19:41:16 ET


anyway, just come back here, dammit ;-P

front 242 is playing in november ;-D

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