Ha ha!
2006-03-21 21:57:53 ET

So, I went to order a few shirts off HotTopic.com, of course, after I stopped working there they end up getting an American Psycho girl's tee and an awesome skeleton ribcage tee, it is the Misfits, I am not a big fan but I love the design on the shirt, I can always cover up the logo, if I even bother.
Than I go to confirm the order and lo and behold, my employee discount is still in effect! Now, I have not worked there for nearly two months, nor have I shopped there since that time, I just cannot believe how inept they are, it is truly mind boggling!
I hope they do not catch this little snafu before they send out my order, afterall, I do not believe they are justified cancelling the order or adjusting it even if they do notice their mistake, I will surely raise a bit of hell over the issue, I no longer work there, thusly, they actually have to pretend to care about my needs and desires, and I do not have to be polite, though I probably will be, I believe in diplomacy before making an arse of myself. I suppose we shall see what happens, just thought I would point that out to the many HotTopic haters out there. ~_^

2006-03-21 22:15:54 ET

"I believe in diplomacy before making an arse of myself."

Man,that lesson sure would have saved my overly embarrassed ass how many times now?

P.S- Get your pasty ass back to CA ASAP.

2006-03-22 08:36:30 ET

If they even notice, it's probably more of a problem for them to adjust for a mistake than it is to let the error go through. Make sure to get more stuff before they catch it. ;P

2006-03-22 14:50:02 ET


you should come back to l.a. if you come before may...but after then i shall be gone ;-P

2006-03-23 09:47:50 ET

I'm sure they won't notice. The people taking the orders are probably just as smart.

And yeah , come to LA ! I never got to meet you !

2006-03-23 20:27:47 ET

New information: Well, the bastards cancelled my order, under the guise of my card company denying the charges, which I called them on, suspecting it was a snow job on Hot Topic's part, trying to cover their asses, which, of course, it was. I was incensed that they would tell me that my card issuer denied the charges when that was not the case, I lost what little respect I had remaining for them, such actions are petty, pathetic, and honestly, I should have expected it, ah well, I will bet if I ordered something now, the discount will have been taken off. Wankers.
Turbo: Ah yes, I read that you were moving to Seattle with Predator, congrats, I was debating moving there myself in the future, that is if Lucifer and Lux don't smuggle me into the UK.
And alas, I am planning a visit to SoCal but of course, it would be in May. >_<;

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