The plane boss...the plane!
2006-04-25 21:44:56 ET

I finally purchased my plane tickets so, come Hell or high water, I will be in California the last week of May, so all who are interested take note...bloody ticket cost my nearly $ people had better make sure I have a damn good time! *Shakes fist*
I also bought Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children on Tuesday, the very day it was released officially on US shores. A friend of mine back in FL burned a copy for me months ago, but Luci's computer decided to be insubordinate and not play it, ah well, I cannot wait to find the time to sit down and watch it, it looks like a masterpiece, I do love myself some FF7. <3
And finally, I was able to buy the Lip Service Gangsta Pranksta short dress that I have been lusting after for months, for a more affordable price than I imagined, odd, it usually seems to be the opposite for me. Ah well, I need it, I had to sell most of my old clubby clothing in order to pay rent and you, it was all too big for me anyways. *Sighs, looking at depleted wardrobe* Great, now you've gone and depressed me, my shallow, materialistic side weeps silently. ~_^

2006-04-26 06:25:13 ET

See you soon.

2006-04-26 11:17:50 ET

we'll see if i can get back there by then...

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