2006-05-13 20:42:25 ET

That is totally me in ten years...if I had my own place, that would be me now, I do not know if that is funny or pathetic, perhaps, admittadly, it is more pathetic...bleh. >_<; ;P

2006-05-13 21:44:09 ET


i miss you ):

2006-05-13 22:04:11 ET

TLC's Life Lessons. Love 'em.

2006-05-13 22:08:25 ET


2006-05-13 22:32:22 ET

That's awesome.You remind me of the cat lady from The Simpsons.

Oh,and how much is a Ministry after the service charges? $45-$50?

2006-05-14 09:22:37 ET

Turbo: Yep, it's perfect. I mish you too my dear!
Pez: Oh yes, I've been watching TLC a lot lately...for whatever reason, saw those, thought it was a great idea.
NuclearWinter: ^_^ Yes, I am going to have to purchase one now, talk about your frivilous expenditures heh!
HBPRODUCKT: Ha ha, but do I ramble unintelligibly...wait, don't answer that! *Points*
I did an estimation on Ticketmaster, the price is $43.55, but that if you get the tickets will call since there is no charge for shipping, hope to see you there! <3

2006-05-14 12:47:18 ET

hehe =D

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