Halloween Stuffies
2006-09-20 21:24:39 ET

I am planning on throwing a huge party, it is going to be something... what that thing is, I cannot say, it's going to be very special, all are invited...who can make it.
I am debating possible costumes, though I use the term loosely. I may be settling on the Black Dahlia, post desperate, down on her luck wannabe starlet days. It kind of irks me how romantized the character of Elizabeth Short has become, as this beautiful young starlet cut down before her big break...pshaw, she was a pathetic, used up young lady who was homeless and sponging off her friends, trading blow jobs for cash, not to mention she had awful teeth and was already starting to lose her good lucks...not quite what the stories have made her out be eh? I would love to be her, to dress in the elegant 40's style, plus it would give me an oppurtunity to use FX makeup, because I plan to do to my face what was done to her's. Short's face was slashed from ear to ear in a grotesque mockery of a smile, if I am feeling really ambitious, I might even do stitching across my midsection to signify where she was cut in half...I am enjoying planning this way too much. ^_^ If any of you have any other ideas, please, let me know, open forum time!
On an unrelated note, I took my car in to be aligned and was speaking to a sweet young lady who was working there by the name of Tiffany. I get off work last night and my father surprises me with the news that she came over to see me earlier in the evening. Now that is what I call a first impression, that's the first time that has ever happened. I guess I am just that awesome, bask in the awesomeness that is me, heh. ;P

2006-09-21 02:34:39 ET

this party will not be in southern california, therefore i am sad ):

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