You're all diseased!
2006-09-27 18:37:13 ET

I've been sick the last few days, argh. Because all of you need to know this, this is the first time I have vomited while sick in years, it made me remember why I detest doing so...yet I am pretty sure it was not the flu as I am feeling too well too fast, either my immune system is a juggernaut of...immunity or the worst is yet to come... it had better be the latter cause I have KMFDM and Combichrist this weekend! I wish I knew who the sadist was that infected me, oh the horror I would inflict upon them, on a pain scale of 1-10, it would be an 11!!! People are disgusting with their germs, I rarely get sick and when I am, I do not go to work like some inconsiderate souls do, and yet my job still frowns on me missing any time, yes, let me come to work and infect the rest of the staff, they'd appreciate that I'd wager than the whole bloody store would be out sick except they would probably come to work which just begins the whole vicious cycle all over again, when will it end, when will it end?! *Shakes head*
Owning a car is expensive, I knew that, that is why I never wanted one to all of those who react incredulously when I reveal that I do not have a Driver's Lisence.
And my most amusing item of the day, when I was flipping channels on Dish Network tv(and no, Dish Network is not paying me for these plugs but really you should sign up for Dish Network, it is superior to cable in every way imaginable... *reading from a piece of paper* ) and under each program on the guide, there is a short description of the program. On Discovery Channel, which I love btw, Future Weapons was on, and you know what the description of the program was...
" Weapons of the Future "
Well, that explains everything, why, you don't need to say another word, that said it all.

2006-09-27 19:01:17 ET

/me scratches head
i thought future weapons was about football.

2006-09-28 20:12:17 ET

Ah, I thought it was weapons against the future. That phrasing was confusing.

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