Cookies and Cthulhu
2006-12-23 16:59:26 ET
This made me laugh outloud.
Great for any fan of H.P Lovecraft, Hello Kitty and making seemingly evil, terrifying creations cute, that could be my calling in life honestly!
Btw, I am moving back to FL in January, I am finally moving out on my own(again), wish me luck! I am finally free of Misery, huzzah!
To everyone, enjoy Annual Gift Giving Day, I think this holiday goes by some other name, I am not entirely certain what it is, drat, right on the tip of my tongue! ~_^

2006-12-23 17:09:47 ET

florida, bad. california, good! ;-P

2006-12-23 17:14:53 ET

Nice escape. Good luck in Florida, Pam. I heard they have nice, hot, sunny beaches. :P

2006-12-23 17:36:43 ET

heat that melts you!

2006-12-23 19:25:37 ET

I am suddenly reminded of Hello Vader.

2006-12-23 20:39:20 ET

hehehe... funny
and that vader too!

2006-12-23 21:44:31 ET

yes. hello vader is awesome.

2006-12-24 16:26:34 ET

Turbo: Tis not all bad, there are still shallow, superficial people so I am not missing much, heh.
Actually, I would love to return to CA but I have not the funds nor the place to lay my weary head. ;_;
Analog: What, wait, what... there are beaches in Florida?!!!
Thorn: Words cannot aptly describe Hello Vader...I want to poke him for some reason. ^_^

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