California, here I come!
2007-03-13 08:05:14 ET

You think you can handle the bundle of attitude that is myself?
Oh wait, you have before, nevermind than.
So yeah, I am going to be returning to CA sometime later in the year, Lucifer and I are going to be getting our own place, it will be glorious and special, I cannot wait to see all of you again and other related sentimental type nonsense.
So until such time, I am counting the sands through the hourglass.

2007-03-13 09:18:38 ET

I knew you couldn't resist my creamy thighs and sweet,sweet ass.

2007-03-13 14:24:45 ET

just be sure to move to l.a. and not orange county ;-P

2007-03-13 22:37:25 ET

Psh,LA is for coke and cheese sauce mix addicts.

2007-03-14 02:05:28 ET

dont knock it till you try it!

2007-03-14 05:36:49 ET

HBProdukt: Wow, have you ever got me figured out, bravo. Ha ha, I miss you Charlie! <3
Turbo: We are not sure where we are going to move yet, it is all in the prelim planning stages but you will all be the first to know when we do. I miss you too Lars! <3

2007-03-14 11:17:59 ET

You should live in the five six deuce.

2007-03-15 10:09:46 ET

HBProdukt: Heh, what the bloody hell kind of lingo is that, I no longer speak that language! ;p

2007-03-15 16:03:15 ET

Goddammit. JUst as I'm leaving.

2007-03-15 17:03:02 ET

slide, where you running off to?

2007-04-18 19:17:50 ET

OC has better paying jobs then LA. To much competition out there. So...... in a sense, HB is right on the OC thing.

2007-04-18 20:47:30 ET

uh...i totally beg to differ. l.a. has a much larger job market also...unless you want to work in retail or food service d-:

2007-04-19 04:43:25 ET

Washington State.

2007-04-19 20:06:57 ET

yeah the seattle area puts our job market to shame but uh...its lame up there...and cold...or something d-:

2007-04-20 15:12:01 ET

He's in the army,Lars,but you get a gold star for being special in a football helmet kind of way.

The five six deuce is Long Beach,you uncultured swine.=p

2007-04-20 16:38:31 ET

yeah i just realized that he replied to me two comments ago as opposed to just responding to the damn entry. I GOOD!

long beach is alright...better than orange county, but then the only area i can think of thats arguably worse than orange county is the inland empire.


2007-04-24 14:28:40 ET

HBProdukt: I have more culture in my pinkie finger than you have in your entire body rivet monkey! *points for emphasis* ~_^

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