Let's all go out to the movies...
2007-11-29 07:50:53 ET

Lucifer bought Cannibal Holocuast, one of the most controversial movies ever made, for me yesterday and I watched it, it was a brilliant, unfliching, and brutal piece of film making that shows how easy it is for supposedly "civilized" men to fall into savage and primative ways, we listen to our Superegos for the sake of society but in the end, our Id is always stronger.
Everyone should see this movie, and by everyone I mean anyone who can deal with cannibalizing, violent gang rapes, impalements, and extreme cruelty to animals as the scenes of animals being killed are not staged, they are completely real and are quite unpleasant.
I was also fortunate enough to win on Ebay, the infamous movie Pig, the last thing that Rozz Williams did before he committed suicide in 1998. I have wanted this movie ever since I heard about it, all the elements appeal to me, but I did some study and saw that the movie was released in a very limited number and is insanely hard to find, not to mention pricey, I am not paying $100 for any dvd, yeah, you hear that Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom, it is not happening, but that is a whole nother rant.
Unfortunately, it is the VHS version, as 1334 copies were made each for dvd and for VHS, but tis fine, for we have a fuctioning VHS player on our dvd player so huzzah, excitement, I finally get to see it for the price of $26, which is a great deal as I've seen other VHS copies of this film go for $70, yea Ebay!

And for no other reason than that zombies bring me joy, I present...zombies!

In this photo, Lucifer, myself, and Danielle. A necrophiliac's wet dream. ;p

2007-11-29 08:59:15 ET

Geez, what happened to happy movies about bunnies and baby deer?

2007-12-02 09:01:49 ET


i'll have to check out cannibal holocaust...it sounds like good club-movie fare.

2007-12-06 07:32:52 ET

Oh yes, it would be ideal for an industrial/electro club. Actually, Pig would also be excellent for a club, it is very art-housey and avante garde, if you can find it, it gets bonus points for being associated with Rozz Williams, heh. ;p

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