Today's Thought...brought to you by George Carlin
2008-03-21 11:15:41 ET

" Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Billy Graham will lead a nationwide prayer vigil and ask God to do something about America's moral climate. God will promptly strike all three of them dead."
Ha ha, a quote after my own heart.
California has been interesting, I am still looking for a job(s), I may have one now, but it's only part time, sigh. I do have a few receptionist positions that I have interviewed for, they would be ideal, but as it is now, I cannot afford to wait around for the most ideal career oppurtunity to come about, I just need some sort of income coming my way for the time being, beggers cannot be chosers at this point.

2008-03-21 22:07:15 ET

heh...reminds me of a tidbit from reese roper (formerly of 'christian' ska band five iron frenzy and several other musical projects) - in the heroes section on his personal myspace page, undeneath who he puts as his heroes, he also lists "Opposite of my Heroes: Pat Robertson, the Christian music industry, and Hitler. In that order."

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