Tattoo Help!!!
2008-05-09 09:36:34 ET

I need some aide from my fellow So-Cali inhabitants. I am looking for a tattoo artist who is absolutely amazing, someone who could replicate faithfully this following work on my back:
It will be my ultimate tattoo, not to mention an homage to my favorite artist, HR Giger. I know there are about seven million tattoo parlours in SoCal, I see them all the time, but for a work of this detail and magnitude, I need the best or close to it. Thank you for reading!

2008-05-09 09:46:14 ET

I'm not certain where Paul Booth (I think) is, but he's world renowned for biomechanical pieces (such as gigers)
For a black and grey style piece, in the LA area, I highly recommend Baby Ray at Spotlight Tattoo, he is the one that did the birds on my back. Shop minimum is 300$ though and they bill by hour IIRC. However, the entire top of my back only took about two hours, so they are speedy as well. He has been tattooing since the 70's, and actually taught Mr. Cartoon how to tattoo.

2008-05-09 09:46:28 ET

I would avoid 99% of the shops here if you want that piece done in good might have to travel, and you'll certainly have to schedule an appointment with a top artist, which also means you'll be paying out the nose for your ink. I really like the piece, though, and know that it can definitely be done.

2008-05-09 16:49:47 ET

do you know boon? (bald guy..hangs out at bar sinister a lot and occasionally other clubs) you may want to ask him...he's friends with some tat artists around the l.a. area and one of them did a pretty amazing skinny puppy tattoo on his arm

2008-05-09 16:59:02 ET

A friend of mine got some beautiful work done about 2-3 months ago it was Giger inspired, highly detailed and flawlessly done. I want to say it was done down at Church of Steel in San Diego but I will have to double check the name of the shop for you.

2008-05-09 21:47:16 ET

church of steel is paul booths shop i think.

2008-05-10 08:27:43 ET

Asked my friend, highly recomends church of steel for any giger type tattoos ask for a person I believe the name was C there great at them.

2008-05-11 17:07:38 ET

Thank you for all the advice, I still have a few months to decide, but you have given me some great starting off points, which I appreciate muchly. ^_^

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