2008-07-08 01:24:27 ET

It's my birthday today.
So far, not so terrible, my parents gave me money, my best friend gave me a $150 gift certificate to and my other best friend and roomie Damian got me a sinfully delicious ice cream cake and a pack of three zombie movies, hopefully, they will be excellent MST3K fodder for me as they look to be silly but entertaining nonetheless.
I am however 26 now, the big 30 is looming in the horizon, but I had the same dread when I was approaching 25 and now it is more of an "Eh." feeling.
All I know that I am doing this day is getting my poor car washed and probably going to see a Ridley Scott double feature at the New Beverly Cinema, Bladeruuner and Alien are playing back to back. Two of my favorite movies, joygasm! :) Perhaps some shopping as well, I am looking for the book Fatherland by Robert Harris and two movies, Hangmen Also Die by Fritz Lang and Hitler's Madman by...not Fritz Lang, heh, I do not remember the director's name! ;p
As it happens, I randomly become obessesed with things and will thusly devour all the knowledge that I can lay my greedy fingers on that is related to said subject. Currently, said obsession is The Third Reich, and more specifically, the main heads of the dragon as it were, particularly Reinhard Heydrich, which is who both movies are centered around.
This interest has nothing to do with racism, bigotry or anti-semitism, it is purely academic curiosity about the psychology of these men and women and how it can be related to current world situations. It is part of the greater interest I have in true crime, and honestly, what greater crime was there in the 20th century, or as it is otherwise termed, The Bloody Century.
I am sure to encounter negative reactions due to this, not here, I consider the SK people to be of a better, more enlightened breed, but from people in the general public, of course, I would probably not even bother to bring it up to the average person.

2008-07-08 03:10:20 ET

happy birthday

2008-07-08 03:54:52 ET

happy womb liberation day...i miss you!

i think its good to examine 'fucked up' things in human nature. it gives balance and perspective. most people don't like to believe that they're capable of such things and it can really become our downfall if we just deny it.

2008-07-08 05:30:54 ET

Happy womb liberation day. We should kick it in a few weeks when I can see the light of day again.

2008-07-08 10:17:44 ET

Turbo: Thank you, I miss you too, you need come back soon, I enjoy having these conversations. ~_^
HBProdukt: Thanks doll. Yes, we really must, I work two jobs now but I can find some time for you.

2008-07-08 15:33:55 ET

yeah i miss socal a lot...we'll see what happens later this year...i will move back...just trying to figure out when and if i want to go somewhere else first.

2008-07-08 15:47:49 ET

When did that happen? Last time I checked, you were still unemployed?

2008-07-08 22:45:37 ET

I almost forgot it was your b-day.

Happy Birthday dear. I would send you a silly text but I dont think it is nice for you to be charged for receiving birthday wishs.

Moving tomorrow and possibly having a housewarming this weekend if you and or Charlie want to come. It's in the ghetto I must warn you.

2008-07-08 22:55:27 ET

pshhh tony thats not the 'ghetto' its just the city ;-D orange county is too whitewashed and suburban ;-P

2008-07-09 12:16:25 ET

HBProdukt: Well, I work at Starbucks again, since jobs are so scarce and I have experience, I hate it though. And on Fridays and Saturdays I work at Ipso Facto. ;p
Phoenix: Hmm, well, I work all weekend but let me know when and I'll see it I can swing it.

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