2008-07-17 09:41:53 ET

Wow, this made me laugh more than I have in ages!
On another note, I am quitting Starbucks, I have an interview for cosmetics at Macys and I am applying at Halloween Club...wouldn't it be something to work for Ipso and Hallween Club, heh, I would be such a stereotype!
Oh, and I met R Lee Ermey at Ft. MacCarther days, got his autograph as well, I almost asked what he thought of the various bands who have sampled him, than thought better of it. That was a great day, all the period war reenactors and whatnot, almost makes me want to do it, I do occasionally enjoy geeking out, hell, I used to do cosplay, but I doubt I could easily get away with walking around in full SS officer regalia anywhere, even as a purely historical source of information as I would be, all people have to see is pale white girl with partially shaved head in Nazi uniform and they would freak out.
Sigh, no one wants to pay attention to the ugly parts of history, everyone wants to think that people are inherently decent, but fact is, there is no good and evil, the world is not so black and white, people need to evolve and cease thinking in such ways, that is why everyone is so easily shocked and so easily led by people, like Hitler, Stalin, even assorted American Presidents, who are charismatic and manipulative, throughout history, this has brought nothing but war and heartache, because inevitably, these tyrants release the power hold over peple and will not hesitate to use it. A sad fact about people in general. Wow, this entry went serious in a short amount of time, way to go Capt BringDown! ;p

2008-07-17 12:34:53 ET

Lol I see stuff like that picture all the time its really sad.

on the ugly parts of history if someone dressed like Pol Pot I'm sure no one would freak out as much. And I would have to say his organization, the Khmer Rouge, is the most ugly part of overlooked history. I bet that the person dressed up wouldn't get more than some complements and turn some heads too.

2008-07-17 14:07:27 ET

lol that's a good one

2008-07-18 12:58:24 ET

yeah capt. bringdown! d-:

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