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2008-07-29 10:35:03 ET

Do you ever misspell something, perhaps through ignorance or on accident, on a search engine than it comes back at you with, "Are you sure you didn't mean this?" Doesn't that sound like the search engine is being condescending to you, because with your limited human intellect, it is inevitable that you will misspell a word and the search engine is there is clean up your bloody mess, but than it has to cheerfully remind you of your mistake... what a bastard.
See, thoughts like these are why I never get anything done.;p

2008-07-29 11:07:32 ET


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2008-07-29 15:35:22 ET

what search engine are you using? certainly it can't be google because google is never condescending because it is always right. i love google. you should use google more. :: smiles, twitches momentarily as the google 'g' symbol flashes for a split second in retinas ::

2008-07-31 20:11:47 ET

I use google for everything.

I use it to do my laundry and clean my kitchen.

I use it for shooting practice.

I use it for making love.


2008-07-31 22:11:10 ET

Ha ha, actually, I was using the PeoplePC search feature that's powered by...GOOGLE!!! See, Google is rude, Google is like the guy you met who promised to call, than doesn't, than you see him out somewhere and he claims that his mother died, and you ask for proof and he calls you a psycho, than tells all your friends so now you're the crazy girl that no one wants to date! Wait, what we were talking about? ;p

2008-07-31 22:39:46 ET

that guy sounds like most people i've met in seattle! x_x

2008-08-11 10:23:56 ET

The worse moment though would be if you mispelled something so bad that the search engine basically told you they have no idea what you mean.

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