They got my letters!!!
2008-08-18 18:14:34 ET

I love the kookiness and the absolute oddness of the Nazi Exploitation genre, I mean, what a weird idea for a series of movies, honestly, good taste be damned I suppose!
Saddest part of all is that I will buy this the instant it comes out, I still hope Rob Zombie decides to make a full length feature out of his fake trailer in Grindhouse...oh come on, you know you are curious about Werewolf Women of the SS! Or maybe it is just me...yep, probably just me. ;p

2008-08-18 18:17:31 ET

sounds awesome to me ;-P

2008-08-18 18:20:59 ET

Gettin' it, I can't wait for Machete the movie.

2008-08-18 18:37:53 ET

Ever see this?

2008-08-19 00:05:50 ET

No. but I will soon heheh

2008-08-19 12:40:25 ET

HBProdukt: Ha! You just saw my Halloween costume this year, congrats! It's like you knew! ;p
I have seen so many of these types of movies, they are all cheaply made and horribly acted, which is part of the camp appeal I suposse, ouch, unintentional pun there!

2008-09-04 13:55:34 ET

BTW, upon looking more closely at the Ilsa movie poster I realized she is not wearing the proper armband...yep, I officially have way too much time on my hands.

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