2008-12-21 09:47:05 ET

Sadly enough I am excited to see this film. I do not like Tom Cruise but my interest in WW2/Third Reich history and my knowledge of the July 20th bomb plot compells me to do so. I have been looking forward to seeing Valkyrie since I heard it was coming out months ago. It has been a spell since any film captivated me so much. I will be seeing it next weekend as here the weather will be snow-stormy on Annual Gift Giving Day.
I also want to see The Spirit, though I know nothing of the story of that film, the visuals alone are enough to pique my interest. I loved Sin City, was alright with 300, I am just attracted to the Frank Miller style I suppose.
Lately, my interests film wise, have strayed into silents, particularly the wonderful German Expressionist silents, I am looking to buy The Golem, Nosferatu, and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. I also want Haxan, A History of Witchcraft which is a spoof of all the old wives tales and legends surrounding witchcraft, images of this silent have been used in videos and the like.
Now, I just need money for all of these, heh heh.

2008-12-22 15:24:11 ET

I'm looking forward to Valkyrie as well. Same with The Spirit. I love Frank Miller's comics and movies, so it should be excellent.

And....Nosferatu is one of my favorite movies!

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