Holiday gifts to myself!
2008-12-22 21:18:55 ET

Because of the last hellish month, I deserve it. ;p

Both are vintage dresses from the 40's. Thank goodness I am between a 6-8, sometimes 4 depending on the designer, I can only imagine the living hell more curvacious ladies have with finding vintage clothing that fits! And I was able to get both dresses for $40 combined, fantabulous!

2008-12-22 21:23:32 ET


2008-12-25 21:39:21 ET

that first dress is gorgeous. my problem is i have a pear shape (and bubble butt to boot), so vintage dresses are always hit on the top and extremely miss on the bottom. sad thing is, i'm like a size 8-10 :/

2008-12-25 22:08:31 ET

you have a bubble butt and an interest in strap-ons? why must you keep making me want you so badly? ):<

2008-12-26 13:24:45 ET

Turbo: Thanks! ^_^
HollisMason: I know, vintage sizing can drive one crazy. My measurements are 36 26 36 and things that fit my chest are too big for my waist and things that fit my waist are too small for my chest, argh!

2008-12-26 22:21:31 ET

Divine, the sizing issue is one of the biggest reasons I decided to pick up tailoring proper. I'm not saying I'm actually good at it, but the craftster in me wants to keep trying.

As for you turbo -

2008-12-26 22:48:48 ET

its not my fault you have to keep arousing me ):

2008-12-27 09:41:24 ET

Cyanide & Happiness @

2008-12-27 12:24:34 ET

haha...had to actually click on that to read it thanks to its silly transparent gif nature. but awesome d-:

2008-12-27 13:15:34 ET

Turbo: I knows it, I tried to fix it, to no avail. I like Cyanide and Happiness muchly. <3 I thought it was fitting for your conversation with Hollis. ~_^

2008-12-27 13:18:31 ET

and how!

2008-12-27 13:57:47 ET

Turbo: Btw, Happy B-day, a bit late but I lose track of days, ha ha, you're old, old man! ;p

2008-12-27 13:59:17 ET

ha. it's ok. and you're actually right on time. it's taken some people a while to figure out my purposfully esoteric newest sk entry d-;

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