2009-02-25 16:34:32 ET

I have come to realize that I cannot deal with attention from the opposite sex. Case in point, there is a young man who is quite interested in me and shamelessly flirts with me and I am not comfortable with it, I am not sure why, he's harmless enough, not my type but I should appreciate the attention and I don't. In fact, the more interested he seems, the more he is starting to get on my nerves, wanting to text me every day. Hell, people I've known for years don't text me every day!
I suppose I am simply used to putting off a stay the fuck away from me vibe, with the long jet black hair, that seemed easier but now with the short blonde hair, I am getting unwelcome attention. Since I am not planning on being in this hellish place more than another year, I am not terribly interested in befriending anyone, especially anyone who expects anything from me. I just want someone I can hang out with once, twice a month, perhaps talk on the phone to occasionally, most of the time, I want to be left alone but it is hard to tell people this, they get offended which is something I don't want to deal with.
I am becoming more and more reclusive as of late, I just want to start writing and working on my artwork with this extra time I have since I am not working and am in the process of trying to find something, heh, good luck with that eh?
I have come to the conclusion that I am most likely going to spend the rest of my life with very little intimate contact with other people, I have a lot of friends but I am not looking for anything other than that, I've never been, I just wish people would accept that fact and not react in a hurt manner when I set up the ground rules with me. My true friends know and understand this about me, and they accept it, for that, I appreciate them greatly. Ugh, I apologize, I just had to get this off my chest. >_< ;

2009-02-25 17:32:51 ET

ohai ur hawt. wanna sit naked on ur bed and play super mario world 2?


2009-02-26 14:47:15 ET

Lol, oh, you'll get blonde pics when I am good and ready...which may be soon. ;p

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