Egg Nog Avatars
2009-12-14 15:58:52 ET

I am feeling left out of these holiday proceedings, can I just take a picture with apple cider and call it even, I like apple cider! <3
Btw, this time of year is bad for my wallet, the sooner the holidays are over, the better!

2009-12-14 17:16:55 ET

nog > cider all the time ever

2009-12-15 20:00:53 ET

too much money to spend

2009-12-15 20:03:36 ET

i don't buy people presents cause i'm a pagan atheist jew.

2009-12-17 18:45:23 ET

the nog addiction is an SK holiday staple. the other year I finally gave in and found it rather palatable with the addition of some brandy.

2009-12-17 20:51:40 ET

Statutory Ape: Heh, I don't even think brandy would help, the smell of egg nog alone is enough to turn my stomach, it's been ages since I've actually drank any, I'm afraid to now, vomitting in front of people is generally considered rude in most cultures. ;p

2009-12-17 20:54:10 ET

gawd what are you some sort of pagan atheist jew communistic terrorist?

2009-12-19 19:45:24 ET

DAMN YOU!!! That was our secret, now the whole bloody world knows!

2009-12-19 20:32:21 ET

i am here to help!

2011-04-06 03:55:24 ET


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