2003-07-28 09:41:15 ET

I hate soggy croutons....

that is all.

2003-07-28 09:41:46 ET

i understand your pain

2003-07-28 09:53:00 ET

i enjoy croutons.

2003-07-28 10:24:13 ET

Croutons are amazing. But not the soggy ones.

2003-07-28 10:27:32 ET


2003-07-28 10:50:51 ET

I blame the capitalist system. "More is better, here have some more dressing on you salad, yeah, thats right, don't worry, more is better!" and then you find yourself eating your salad with a spoon, and pulling out the limp lettuce, trying to revive it, and swallowing the soggy crutons whole because you feel bad about putting them through more torment just by chewing them.

Damn capitalist bastards.

2003-07-28 10:53:05 ET

Eww I feel sick now. Yucky.

2003-07-28 10:54:21 ET

That's what the politicans will do - never turn your back on them!

2003-07-28 10:56:17 ET

I'm a socialist. (So yeah I HATE capitalists)

2003-07-28 11:35:18 ET

OMG you all really do feel my pain...

I love all of you.... Thank you so much for the support, and yes I did have to eat my salad with a spoon...

2003-07-28 12:21:31 ET

ewwww. I am with the crisp crouton revolution!

Mark, that was frightening. and totally right on.

2003-07-28 12:23:20 ET

hI mOSHER ~HUGS~ lol <============= caps lock issue<BR>
I had to leave it though

2003-07-28 12:24:25 ET

nice to see you back! how's life? how's the rugrat? :)

2003-07-28 12:28:10 ET

He is well! Him and I have been having alot of fun. He goes to his Mom's this next weekend. I hate love with a time table, but we make the absolute most of it:)

2003-07-28 12:29:41 ET

he'll always remember it. and that his dad loves him lots. :)

2003-07-28 12:30:37 ET

Thanks girl:) ~hugs again~ I count on that. No matter what ever happens I do in fact have that:)

2003-07-28 12:31:14 ET

and to think... all this from soggy croutons, maybe they are not that bad...hmmmm

2003-07-28 12:31:42 ET

*hugs right back* :)

hey, have you seen or heard from sis? I miss her.

2003-07-28 12:35:38 ET

hmmm I sure have not. I have called her a few times lately too. She somtimes does this Ive noticed, not a bad thing I guess. Everyone needs to unplug from the Matrix from time to time. I will rattle her cage again. I know she spends alot of time on Deviant Art. I unfortunatly have gotten pretty good at missing her. She has givin me the invitation to just swing by. Maybe I will just have to do that again. I know she is busy with the ZOO she has over there...lol

2003-07-28 12:36:46 ET


tell her I said hi, and give her a big hug from me.

she's on deviant art? must go look.

2003-07-28 12:37:52 ET

yup, yup... Thats where she was last I checked...

2003-07-28 12:43:32 ET

cool. are you on there too?

2003-07-28 12:50:13 ET

no, I am not. I have too much to manage now unfortunatly.

2003-07-28 13:20:57 ET

awww we love you too double *hugs* i'll make you salad sometime and don't worry you won't have to eat it with a spoon

2003-07-28 19:25:34 ET

i'm way late, but soggy croutons blow there were some in my salad last night :blech:

2003-07-28 21:42:49 ET

later than Sabbi.

HI *hugs*

2003-07-29 07:53:33 ET

you ladies might be a lil late....

but you know you girls are so worth waiting for:)

~*Hugs to both of you*~

2003-07-29 08:01:11 ET

Im glad to know so =)

2003-07-29 15:27:03 ET

aww ::hugs backers:: you are too, since you have such a busy life and we never get to see ya on here much. :)

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