So.... I am leaving the skate park...
2003-08-12 19:11:47 ET

I was messing around with my brother in law after a sweet session at the skate park. It was 102 out hella humid, so I had my shirt off. I was smoking a cigarette, and was on my skates. We skate up toward the parking lot and a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police car was chillin by the curb. I (having nothing to fear) skate right in front of the car along with my bro in law. I never thought anything about it. We were still messing around, making jokes, bieng loud, but not loud for a friggin skate park. I skate up to my truck and the cop whips behind my truck lights on blah blah....

I am still on skates... Im like "what?"
HE gets out of his car holding his pistol holster like he was ready to unsnap it. He goes "take them skates off put that smoke out and come here right now!" Im like "for what?" He says "cause I said so!" So I pop my skates off and start walking toward him. He says "Do you have licence?" I said "ofcourse." I dig in my wallet and hand it to him. He says "put your hands on the hood." I said "why the fuck are you busting my chops?" and I put my hands on the hood. He says "is this your truck?" I said "yes its my truck." He says to my brother in law "you leave!" I said "he's not going anywhere, him and I have plans!" JoJo's looking at him and I like uhhhhhhhhh. He says "well get in your vehicle and go somewhere else." JoJo jumps in his truck and drives like five parking spots away and parks. He says to me "don't move." I still have my hands on the hood. He opens my passenger side door and pops my glove box open and helps himself to my documents... i.e. registration and insurance. He walks back to the cop car past me and gets on his radio. I say to him "this is fuckin bullshit! Your stereo typing me and this is wrong!" He says "you ever been arrested?" I say "no! have you? I am currently in the inactive ready reserves for the Army and I hold a current TOP SECRET clearance for the US government with a presidential identifier!" He says "yeah whatever..." He says "do you have a job?" I got loud and said "I want your fuckin name and badge number, I said I am not no godamned punk kid and I've had enough! The dispatch calls him back and tells him what I already know. NOTHING... He hands me my stuff and says "get out of here..."

Now maybe its just me, but I think he was WAY in the wrong. I got his name and I am gonna call a friend of my late fathers who is a detective and see if he was within his rights to harrass me.

What an idiot... give some people a little power and....

2003-08-12 19:17:01 ET

thats fucking ridiculous

2003-08-12 19:43:51 ET

ricockulous even.... wow dude... that is terrible... sounds like cops in LV are as bad as they are in my city.... complete assholes....

2003-08-12 20:11:58 ET

that's even more then ridiculous and you should be within YOUR rights to get him in some serious trouble. if all you were doing was skating in a skate park he had no right to treat you like you just shot someone. that's bullshiz

2003-08-12 20:23:25 ET

what an asshole. fascist motherfuckers.

2003-08-12 22:19:08 ET

i'd say death to cops, but i'd get arrested.

that's craziness. cops are dumb sometimes. powertrips are fun. as in, not fun.

2003-08-13 07:39:23 ET

cops get-off on that stuff. It's repulsive.

2003-08-13 18:11:25 ET

i can't speak completely bad of all cops, i know some. i just think that certain people shouldn't have certain jobs...but they do it, whether it be for the pay or an ego trip and they make the rest of us suffer and give the good ones bad names.

i also can't speak completely badly of all cops because i may one day have to become one.

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