A hell of a ride......
2003-09-24 05:56:44 ET

So, life has been pretty interesting for me. Life evolves with an unpredictability that is truly astounding. All is well with Jake and I. That girl I met Danielle and I almost got married but didn't. Instead I am single again, but for the right reasons. She is an awsome girl. I found out however that she is not completely over her ex husband. She couldn't possibly give herself to me when she don't have all of herself to give yet. So I backed out of it. I learned alot about what I am looking for in a companion from her though. She is still my friend and Jake and her kids have alot of fun together.
I am skating almost everyday still. Since I posted last I broke a rib under my left arm. It is almost better, still hurts when I laugh. I have aspirations to do some traveling for a while. There are some people I would like to meet and old friends I would like to see again. I am looking forward to it.
on the run though, more to come...

2003-09-24 06:10:38 ET

sounds pretty awesome :-)

2003-09-24 06:30:03 ET

good to know your still around and such...i was a bit worried

sounds like things are going well...which is good =)

2003-09-24 06:48:49 ET

we all get worried when you disappear. but at least we know all is well now and you are still alive and such :)

*big hugs*

now i'm going to go run off and plan that kidnapping of you...dangit..i wasn't supposed to say anything...

2003-09-24 08:30:43 ET

*misses russ....Must find him*

2003-09-24 09:16:52 ET

Hey Daniel, Nice to meet you bro...

JJJ... nice name change:)

Sara... I saw your kidnapping plans on your home page last night! Didn't have time to comment, but I was getting to that:) I double Dog Dare Ya! Big Hugs back at you!

UL... I missed you too. How are you doing?

2003-09-24 09:44:59 ET

Dangit..i always ruin my own secret plans :) haha.

2003-09-24 09:48:45 ET

I'm doing okay, not much to do but doing it okay. I see you've had an interesting recent events. Come back more...

2003-09-24 11:05:40 ET

thank you =) *hugs*

2003-09-24 11:11:49 ET

Good to see your still alive darlin, tried to catch you on messenger the other day but you were sleeping.

2003-09-24 12:38:56 ET

Hi Heather... I noticed you buzzed me, but yeah my computer was on auto-pilot. Ive missed you too. How have you been?

UL... I did have an interesting time. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

2003-09-24 21:04:08 ET

nice meeting you 2... \m/

2003-09-24 22:33:07 ET

nice to see you back! <3

sorry to hear things didn't work out for you and Danielle.

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