Cannot find server....
2003-09-24 09:27:47 ET

net congestion sux!

2003-09-24 09:45:30 ET

our server here at school was freaking out the first month of school cause everyone had a does suck!

2003-09-24 13:06:14 ET

Know the feeling... the HT site just went down, and our home system just crashed... this sucks. Hey, how are you by the way?!

2003-09-24 13:08:49 ET

Good girlie! How are you?

I just read your journal. Did you come to stateline? You couldn't have though, cause duh... you would have tried to get a hold of me... right...

I am well, how are you?

2003-09-24 13:41:29 ET

Um... damn, baby I'm sorry... I forgot you were so close!!!
I am okay :) Busy and stressed out, but mostly okay.

2003-09-24 14:19:13 ET

Heya you're alive. :D

2003-09-24 14:49:55 ET

:) Yeah, mostly! How are you??

2003-09-24 14:56:33 ET

Im livin too Zas... I am good! What have you been up too?

2003-09-24 15:29:32 ET

Hmm . . . What's a good response to that?

"Being cynical and mean, though happy," should cover it. :)

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