2003-09-25 20:31:46 ET

Im a slacker tonight!

2003-09-25 20:40:31 ET

not "bagass"... BADASS!!!!


looks like youre tryin to show off alittle bit of your bum :P

2003-09-25 20:43:16 ET

those ar my old army pt shorts showin:)

2003-09-25 21:20:17 ET

*wolf whistles*

2003-09-25 21:26:11 ET

at second glance, those pants make your legs look REALLY stumpy. :-x haha

2003-09-26 04:07:59 ET

yea but a hot slacker so its all good

2003-09-26 17:53:45 ET

i was about to ask if that was bum bum :)

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