2003-09-28 19:59:09 ET

Look at this rock I found in Zion ntl. pk. this weekend.

2003-09-28 20:06:20 ET

theres a little star on it!!

2003-09-28 20:06:42 ET

that's awesome why can't i find cool stuf like that

2003-09-28 20:07:16 ET

if you look real close there are like five stars on it. Its kinda freaky. I believe they are tiny star fish fossils.

2003-09-28 20:14:51 ET

ooh i can kinda see the others..or maybe my brain is just making think i can..::shrugs::

2003-09-28 20:16:17 ET

I found that on top of a hill in Zion... covered in star fish?

2003-09-28 20:19:01 ET

lots of places that are dry now used to be under sea water

2003-09-28 20:22:50 ET

I know, so cool! Zion is nothing but huge chuncks of churned up rock. Its just like a f u to "theres no patterns in nature" standpoint. Its cool, I might put it in my aquarium?

2003-09-28 20:22:56 ET

ooo! i see a couple more little stars now.. hehe

2003-09-28 21:34:57 ET

that's awesome. we need cool stuff like that around here.

2003-09-29 01:59:04 ET

thats really amazing

2003-09-29 04:52:47 ET

aquarium seems like a really good place for it :)

2003-09-29 06:58:13 ET

I think so too:)

2003-09-29 09:35:58 ET

as long as the stars dont fall off tho

2003-09-30 10:42:27 ET

Crinoids - The most common fossils found in the chert gravels are of crinoids. Although they are called "sea lilies," the crinoids belong to the phyla Echinodermata, a primary group of animals including sea urchins and starfishes. A typical crinoid consists cup-like body, called a "calyx," from which tentacle-like arms radiated from the rim of the cup. The body, or calyx, of a typical crinoid is attached to the sea floor by a long, segmented stalk that ends in a holdfast that anchors it in the seafloor or to some object on it. Both the body and stalk are composed of interlocking plates. The circular to star-shaped plates that compose the segmented stalk are the most common fossil found in the chert gravels.

its still cool

2003-09-30 10:46:06 ET

smarts are so sexy. =)

2003-09-30 10:48:19 ET

yeah, like I pulled that out of my head:)

2003-09-30 10:54:12 ET

still... ;)

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