I have a stalker...
2003-09-29 20:44:55 ET

I was dating this pinup model girlie named Hope. This was before my Danielle thingy. She is trying to find me. I guess she heard about Danielle and I breaking up. I don't wanna be found by her. She is truly a stalker. When I broke up with her, the very next night at like 3:00am I found her outside my window in my bushes. As a joke, a long time ago I made this girlfriend application online

She found it somehow and sends me them filled out by her daily...
Now she's calling my friends...

Id rather cut my toyota 4runner up into lil pieces and eat it, before I would call her.

2003-09-29 20:56:02 ET

Mayhaps she needs to be informed, by a uniformed officer and some of his friends, that stalking is illegal in all 50 states.

and i think my mom is determined to turn me into a stalker

2003-09-29 21:06:08 ET


I am kinda sweating it.

2003-09-29 21:07:13 ET

oh and don't think i'm not filling out that app :) haha..sorry i'm damn bored..you'll have to exuse moi for being silly. but i promise to only fill it out once, and not lurk outside your window in your bushes.

but in all seriousness...you really should get that documented with the police. just incase she does turn supa psycho.

2003-09-29 21:09:36 ET

lmao, I put the link there expecting none the less;)...

I will see if progresses. If it does I'll call the damn cops on her... freak!?

2003-09-29 21:10:50 ET

yeah i'd be especially worried cause of mini-you. wouldn't want her going supa stalker style and involving him.

and man..you get seriously personal in these q's :)

2003-09-29 21:12:04 ET

lol... Its an app!:)

2003-09-29 21:13:14 ET

haha i know :)

2003-09-29 21:15:27 ET

Hahahahaha I filled out one...pick me pick me.

2003-09-29 21:15:47 ET

i feel like i'm trying out for miss america hah:)

...world peace!

2003-09-29 21:17:48 ET

lol... you girls rock.

world peace...lol

2003-09-29 21:18:55 ET

It was kinda funny. My perfect date rules...when I meet the guy that will do that...all will be well

2003-09-29 21:19:27 ET

my internet is stupid, sorry if you get mine twice..stupid college LAN.

i really do want world peace *tear* (sorry i just watched miss congeniality a few days ago)

2003-09-29 21:21:28 ET

That movie is funny.

2003-09-29 21:23:16 ET

Thats a cake request...

Its hard to impress girls in Vegas.

2003-09-29 21:26:02 ET

son of a biscuit i'm killing my computer :(

2003-09-29 21:26:03 ET

and this posted twice..hence why i'm killing it :)

2003-09-29 21:27:35 ET

cake, biscuits ... im hungry

2003-09-29 21:27:48 ET

i hate food

2003-09-29 21:28:15 ET

Yeah it sounds simple..but for some reason it isn't. People look at me funny when I say I wanna go play putt putt

2003-09-29 21:30:07 ET

putt putt is the shiz

2003-09-29 21:31:04 ET

Hell yeah...wanna go on a date...lol....a platonic date that is

2003-09-29 21:34:03 ET


i used to go putt putt every weekend with my cousins when i lived in our townhouse, we lived right across the street from one.

and it won't let me send it :(

2003-09-29 21:34:45 ET


2003-09-29 21:35:07 ET

i'm going to be gimp and do it my own way

2003-09-29 21:35:23 ET


2003-09-29 21:36:34 ET

Yeah there is one in Downtown...its this whole Go-Kart Bungi jumping thing...with putt putt...no one will go. *cries*

2003-09-29 21:37:53 ET

i won't go to the one i used to since it's not "the ghetto" and i think it closed, but there is a "just 4 fun" in plainfield where i live half the time. it has the go-kart's and an arcade and putt-putt even though it's not called putt-putt anymore

2003-09-29 21:39:01 ET

plainfield... that place sounds exciting:)

2003-09-29 21:40:04 ET

oh yeah...loads...of non-fun

it's so bad that if my friends and i are hanging out after a movie or something we go to wal-mart & steak-n-shake

2003-09-29 21:40:52 ET

cruising wal-mart... lmao

2003-09-29 21:41:13 ET

Man all the people I hang out with...somehow end up at Wal-Mart. Its interesting.

2003-09-29 21:44:46 ET

nooo way..we don't cruise..we go inside :) we don't have the "cool cars" just..get bored and run around til we decide we better leave "before getting kicked out"

and i sent it my own way..sorry..but i was determined haha

2003-09-29 21:48:45 ET

Wow... I'm kinda impressed...

The picnic is a chioce idea.

2003-09-29 21:49:25 ET

thanks, i'm still hoping to actually do that one day.

and where did you get/make that app??

2003-09-29 21:50:32 ET

I did it with a program called net objects fusion, however I have the html if you want it

2003-09-29 21:51:10 ET

No I do mean go inside. They tend to wander around and buy stuff that should never be bought together. The last time they bought
a cap gun
and a 25 cent pack of gum

2003-09-29 21:53:12 ET

that's cool, i was just curious. my luck i'd post something like that and end up with a bunch of psycho's.

and my friends buy odd stuff too..when they have the money to buy anything. and mayo and condoms looks ooooh so fun haha

2003-09-29 21:54:13 ET

The reaction I have gottin from it has been..ahhh entertaining:)

I think you should go for it

2003-09-29 21:55:48 ET

probably would be great entertainment :)

2003-09-29 21:56:01 ET

I had an app one time...I got weirdos that thought it would be cool to say...
Ideal date...going down on your sweet ass. Yeah thats right...they were psycho

2003-09-29 21:56:15 ET


2003-09-29 21:56:50 ET

goodnight ladies...

Im done...

2003-09-29 21:56:58 ET


2003-09-29 21:57:19 ET


2003-09-30 04:49:54 ET

jesus christ i mean i know your sexy and all but don't ya think being in your bushes is a little extream?

2003-09-30 05:36:59 ET

Aww I tried to send it but my outlook isnt working :(

2003-09-30 05:43:42 ET

i had to copy/paste mine cause my stuff wasn't working either :) i'm all determined like that though haha

2003-09-30 05:49:02 ET

I think he already knows all that about me anyways.

2003-09-30 07:29:06 ET


2003-09-30 21:53:28 ET

heeee. joins club, fills out app

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