2003-09-30 18:15:52 ET

I HATE GOSSIP. I try not to participate, but somebody just told me somthing that has me really pissed off. Its hard for me to get pissed but this info did it. I feel.... gullible, like a chump...

2003-09-30 18:18:07 ET

i understand

2003-09-30 18:32:01 ET

You ok sweetie ?

2003-09-30 18:34:17 ET

Gossip is evil, through and through. I think gossipers should all die a horrible horrible burning death

2003-09-30 18:44:29 ET

I'm kewl... just pissed and let down. People astonish me. I can chaulk the experience down by saying that, "that person is just lost" and then I pitty them. Still hurts none the less. I need to go skate. Or club a baby seal or somthing... better call greenpeace

2003-09-30 18:48:03 ET

Totally unrelated (and I apologise for that) but your son... is the most ADORABLE CHILD THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN. I esp. like the picture of him with the guitar, but I love them all. ^^'

Also, the digital art which serves both as your avatar and your bio background.... is very highly loved by me. And then some. Times a lot. You've got a great journal/page going here... and you seem like a really cool guy. ^_^d *thumbs up*

2003-09-30 18:48:20 ET

Two men walked into a bar, the third man ducks.

Sorry, your baby seal comment made me think of that joke.

2003-09-30 19:02:23 ET

Damn Neko, Thank You that is very nice of you. I am very lucky to be my Sons Dad...

Kamikaze: LMAO @ the bar joke, thats an old one that will always make me laugh:)

2003-09-30 19:03:27 ET

Hehe, the oldies are always fun =)

2003-09-30 19:08:42 ET

My club and seal joke !! i love ya DH

2003-09-30 19:10:57 ET

So I say to a penguin, "I'd take your picture, but I only have color film."

2003-09-30 19:12:01 ET

lol ....corny

2003-09-30 19:13:01 ET

...i grinned at that one...good one aaron

2003-09-30 19:13:02 ET

lol it is a waiste of color film though

2003-09-30 19:13:13 ET

not if the background has color

2003-09-30 19:13:25 ET

Hi Sabbi:)

2003-09-30 19:13:39 ET


2003-09-30 19:13:48 ET

It was at this point that I enjoyed a Panda Sandwich

2003-09-30 19:15:20 ET

sorta feelin' like i'm in Austin Powers now...

"you could really lose your head on that one"

2003-09-30 19:16:18 ET

i love being off topic....i just saw this as the topic for conversation on ref:

"If a pirate stutters, how could you tell? "Aaarr...Aarrr..Arr-rr-rr-rr-.." "

2003-09-30 19:16:48 ET

haha =)

2003-09-30 19:17:14 ET

OMG...ok here is more...

My exwife and I are talking civil (frightening) she lives in AZ and asked me if I would share a house with her if she was to move to Vegas. I was like uhhhh... uhhhhhhhh... "I got to think about that" The thought of my son around all the time is very nice, however... we divorced for a reason.

2003-09-30 19:18:19 ET

Sorry to hear about that. I guess life doesn't always go the way we would like it to.

2003-09-30 19:18:30 ET

that would be....awkward to say the least

and anyone ever notice how...awkward ...awkward is spelled?

2003-09-30 19:19:10 ET

baby seal walked into a club...MY joke, but you can use it

2003-09-30 19:19:27 ET

I think about stuff like that all the time actually. I over analyze everything, because I'm weird like that...

2003-09-30 19:19:27 ET


2003-09-30 19:19:56 ET

I am hyper analytical too, its a curse!

2003-09-30 19:20:11 ET

Dumb people are better off...

2003-09-30 19:22:20 ET

Ignorance is bliss, or so I've heard...

2003-09-30 19:23:18 ET

or somthing:)

2003-10-01 08:56:43 ET

... Hey. Can I babysit once in a while? ^_^d

2003-10-01 10:32:03 ET

lol... you could, but he is usually found pretty close to me, and Springfield Oregon is totaly in the opposite direction of my work:).
How are you?

2003-10-01 10:43:09 ET

Well if I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I'll drop by to harass the two of you. ^^v

I'm great. How about yous?? ^^

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