you know what...
2003-09-30 19:32:40 ET

we need to bring back lawn darts...

2003-09-30 19:34:46 ET

could be fun

2003-09-30 19:35:29 ET

hours of entertainment... I tell ya

2003-09-30 19:37:30 ET

depends on who you throw them at....

wait did i say who?? hah

2003-10-03 15:01:47 ET

god i haven't seen lawn darts since i was a small child. i remember someone said i couldn't play them cuz they were not safe. made me sad :(

2003-10-03 16:41:05 ET

me too Blacksheep... I say we get some, and play just to spite the grownups:)

2003-10-03 20:39:37 ET


name the time/place im there... wait yer like on the other end of the world aren't you... grrr. again someone wants to play and i'm to far away... booohooooooo

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