I don't feel comfortable in my own skin today...
2003-10-01 08:24:43 ET

I need a change...

2003-10-01 08:25:38 ET

don't we all

2003-10-01 08:27:32 ET

maybe I will die my hair...

2003-10-01 08:28:02 ET

i wanna put pink in mine...maybe i should do that today...we could be hair dying twins...er something

2003-10-01 08:29:49 ET

lmao... or somthing. I am gonna go bright red... I think. My hair is completly bleached right now, so color will work good.

2003-10-01 08:30:24 ET

now i just need to find a way to get to the store...hum...i think bright red will look cute on you =)

2003-10-01 08:31:45 ET

me 3... we shall find out I think.

I got to go back to work first though. Im just f%#king off right now.

2003-10-01 08:32:46 ET

bah work ...what do u do?

2003-10-01 08:34:03 ET

I do stonework and customer service for the rich.

2003-10-01 08:40:02 ET

gee fun

damn rich people

2003-10-01 08:50:32 ET

i know how you feel

2003-10-01 08:53:42 ET

Hi, thanks Sabbi.

I am getting my lazy ass of this blasphomous machine and going to work... TTYL

2003-10-02 16:13:24 ET

you should skate your ass to richmond kentucky, and hang with me one weekend.. thats a change!

2003-10-02 16:57:44 ET

then since you'd be so close, you can just skate on up to terre haute for some sabbi visit time :)

2003-10-02 16:58:31 ET

and then to mass...cuz well lets face it i rock...plus moxie lives a few minutes away

2003-10-02 21:04:35 ET

i'll trade you exteriors..we can be each other for a few days...do you think you can handle being a 4'11" blond for a little while? and just think...new to you tattoos that you didn't have to sit still for!!! whoo-hoo!

2003-10-03 07:50:10 ET

I wanna see you girls. Im just scared of traveling in a state where the abbreviation for it is KY.
Plus, I would need to carry 8 spare wheels and a full set of extra bearings, my vans, 10 pair of sox, music, 4 pair of jeans, assorted t shirts, water, 7 pair of boxers, deoderant, My Navy Chuck T's, 20 cartons of basic ultra light 100's, a pillow and bathhroomables. I think a car would work better:)

I would trade you for a day Jess>:) If I had one day that I could be a lil 4'11" blonde, I would probably spend that day with some quality self discovery time:) I won't break you:)

2003-10-03 11:27:07 ET

lmao! so then it wouldn't be much of a change from the exteriors original owner...lol.

2003-10-03 12:37:26 ET

lol... WOW!

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