ok this is gonna be fun...
2003-10-04 17:21:31 ET

So I got invited to a naughty nighty pajama jammy jam tonight. So I invited Erin, who promptly answered with "I got some killer lingerie I could wear". I was like yeah...
Then my sister invites this girl Ronnie who is cool but is my ex gf's best friend. I was like "uhhhh ok". Then My ex gf shows up to Ronnie's house. Next thing I know Ronnie invites Danielle (knowing Im showing up with a 20 yr old date) and she agree's to go.

I hope for Erin's sake there is no drama. I don't like playing games either, but this might be fun...

2003-10-04 17:55:50 ET

yea... lingerie is possibly way worth the risk involved O_o

2003-10-04 22:23:03 ET

hoo boy. sounds like you need to do them all, just to be fair. ;)

2003-10-05 01:48:15 ET

hahaha... yes yes... you can't let them all possibly miss out... that would be wrong

2003-10-05 15:06:13 ET

hope there is loads of fun and no drama involved!

2003-10-07 13:46:20 ET

sounds like there might be some drama..

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