2003-10-08 20:46:34 ET

I've had him a month and a half. Its time for him to see his Mom. Saturday I go to AZ to see her. I hate to admit it, but I am worried about her right now. He should help her out. She needs some love.
I will miss him tremendously! GOD things get ub3r quiet when he is gone. Too fuckin quiet. I always try to avoid it, but I usually get a little self destructive after he leaves. I gotta stay occupied.

must party vegas punk style with syntheticdream saturday night...

2003-10-08 20:47:49 ET

one..word only..

adorable :)

2003-10-08 20:48:45 ET

Hi Sabbi:)

2003-10-08 20:49:08 ET

Hey there :)

2003-10-08 20:49:45 ET

awwww *tear* i want one

2003-10-08 20:50:10 ET

can i have one of each?? ;)

2003-10-08 20:50:57 ET

only if you share

2003-10-08 20:51:10 ET

....~blushes~.... :)

2003-10-08 20:52:16 ET

:( I dun wanna share...*tantrum*

2003-10-08 20:52:34 ET

Hi UL, how you been?

2003-10-08 20:53:00 ET

lol @ tantrum

2003-10-08 20:54:06 ET

*cheesy grin* i can be cute sometimes see..heh

2003-10-08 20:54:27 ET

hey DH, been okay. By the way...again, cute lil you

2003-10-08 20:54:44 ET

awww cute

2003-10-08 20:55:37 ET

Thanks AG and UL...

I think I am gonna keep him.:)

2003-10-08 20:56:16 ET

I don't think he'd let you not keep him :)

2003-10-08 20:56:42 ET

i shall have one someday...oh yes...i shall

2003-10-08 20:56:56 ET

yea... the quiet times... can be nice... but... its nice to have someone around... and little kids can be a handful and all... but they are tons of fun... always playin' around... and keepin' ya busy... makes time go by quicker... time isn't so dull

2003-10-08 20:57:29 ET

me too...found some damn cute stuff today that makes me want one now hehe..well not really but..yeah..

HT Baby (hot topic baby! ..oh yeah that's hot topic clothes...for babies!)

2003-10-08 21:03:13 ET

oh boy... Hot topic kids clothes would be the heat. I already have Jake pimpin red chuck t's everyday.

2003-10-08 21:03:57 ET


2003-10-08 21:05:09 ET

OMG a misfits onesie!!!

2003-10-08 21:06:22 ET


2003-10-08 21:06:54 ET

yea i love babies... i'm gonna try to wait awhile till i has any though... my niece is enough for now... she grins almost all the time its so adorable

2003-10-08 21:07:26 ET


plenty of time for kids. I was 27 when Jake was born.

Goodnight peeps, russ is spent...

2003-10-08 21:07:35 ET

see isn't it great!

i'm getting this for emilee!!

2003-10-08 21:07:41 ET

night :-)

2003-10-08 21:07:46 ET


2003-10-08 21:08:00 ET


2003-10-08 21:12:57 ET

ha. ive spent days looking at kick ass baby clothes.
too bad i dont have a baby.

2003-10-08 21:16:22 ET

hahaha... yes... i know how it goes... picking out baby names for non-existent chil'ens and such... toughy

2003-10-08 21:18:10 ET

i have the names..well i *had* the names not sure i'll use them now though..since i seem to have had some weird psycic power when i picked mine out years ago.

and i buy baby/toddler clothes all the time..my 'nieces'(olivia, emilee, and kayla) are way too spoiled

2003-10-08 21:18:22 ET

ive got a kid. he was just never a baby.

2003-10-08 21:19:33 ET

i'm really bad about baby/childrens stuff. i'll buy it for just about any one's kid..infact..if i had DH's addy i'd probably be sending mini-DH some clothes/toys/etc.

i'm just weird like that though

2003-10-08 21:20:19 ET

haha aww... where'd ya get a kid at?

2003-10-08 21:20:47 ET

divorced drug addicted ex

2003-10-08 21:22:14 ET

ahh... well atleast you got the kid... so he/she not gotta be with a druggy..

2003-10-08 21:24:01 ET

he gets to live with an alcoholic. yay!

2003-10-08 21:24:51 ET

almost as bad, but not quite...i lived with both when i was growing up and i turned out just fine. ...well i turned out to not do either..not sure that i'm 'just fine' haha

2003-10-08 21:25:48 ET

hahaha... well i think bein' around it... gets it out of your system early on in life... of course when i was little my mom and dad did both... but they ended up quitin' when i was little as well... so it wasn't too bad...

2003-10-08 21:26:15 ET

yeah, it aint bad.
i dont drink while hes around (although revshade had the great idea of training him to bring us 40s)

2003-10-08 21:27:41 ET

hahaha thats horrible

2003-10-08 21:27:43 ET

i was around it enough, but i was also the reason mom quit. but i learned early on that my family (both sides) have problems with their addictive personalities, so i'm not even trying to get that way

2003-10-08 21:28:37 ET

i dont know his mom, but something tells me the poor kid is gonna be fucked up in a few years.

2003-10-08 21:28:41 ET

yea... i shouldn't have tried... but errr... who knows... things get to ya...

2003-10-08 21:29:13 ET

i'll have a drink now and then, but i know better then to get too trashed. and i don't really ever think about drugs ::shrugs:: just not my thing.

2003-10-08 21:29:27 ET


2003-10-08 21:32:25 ET

yea i had an obsessive hatred for myself... i guess i sort of was out to destroy myself... glad thats changed :-)

2003-10-08 21:33:44 ET

i've tried to explain to my friends numerous times that they are much better without them, but i gave up ...they don't listen to moi so i let them be them

2003-10-08 21:34:21 ET

i dont know why i did any of it.
stupid reasons im sure.

2003-10-08 21:37:35 ET

i just wanted a get away... to forget... not be so tortured in thought... now i'm not without them... so its ok... i mean shit happens... i'm pretty much over it... anyways i did worse things to myself... then anything that has ever been done to me... so i guess i find comfort in that hahaha :-P

2003-10-08 21:39:11 ET

the planet would be bland without the salt of the earth my friend.

2003-10-08 21:39:46 ET

how right you are

2003-10-08 21:40:19 ET

yes agreed... ya know... people can be upset about that stuff... but it still adds flavor... and i guess it what makes everyone dif... cause everyone goes through dif. things... good things happen 2... and people take them for granted... so i guess all and all its good thing

2003-10-08 21:40:23 ET

i thought you were going to bed silly! :)

2003-10-08 21:41:14 ET

I had to write that other journal entry... It was on my mind...

2003-10-08 21:41:32 ET

:) works for moi, i'm still here too, i have to get up in 4 hours

2003-10-08 21:42:37 ET

woo very soon to get up... i don't really have to do anything... besides call my former work place... to see about gettin' my job back haha... sucks... i'm goin' be gettin' i told you so's from everyone... :-P... its all cool..

2003-10-08 21:42:58 ET

well look at the time. ive got to get up in 4 hours as well.

2003-10-08 21:43:53 ET

O_o... wow y'all have to be up early... i'll take a nap for all of y'all later... and keep y'all in my thoughts... maybe y'all won't be as tired through the day :-)

2003-10-08 21:44:08 ET

pride tastes like shit...

2003-10-08 21:44:25 ET

i'm always tired throughout the day, and then when it comes to be 11 at night..i'm wide awake, even without a nap during the afternoon..it sucks

2003-10-08 21:45:33 ET

grr me too.
i hate it, im sleepy when im not supposed to be and awake when im supposed to be asleep.

2003-10-08 21:45:57 ET

my issue is the venti mocha frap I finished an hour ago...

2003-10-08 21:46:18 ET

i had some chai (which i'm officially addicted to) but normally that doesn't bother me

2003-10-08 21:47:27 ET

mmm chai
i had robotussin and wine, i really should be asleep.

2003-10-08 21:47:47 ET

yeah..for most people that would knock them out cold

2003-10-08 21:48:45 ET

i think im becoming immune to it.
ive had it like everynight this week.

2003-10-08 21:48:57 ET

FA... Your ALWAYS drinking wine:)

2003-10-08 21:50:07 ET

only at night, when im alone.
the rest of the time its 40's
gotta keep my ghetto gangsta image

2003-10-08 21:50:41 ET


2003-10-08 21:52:12 ET

dats aight g dawg O_o

2003-10-08 21:52:21 ET

fo shizzle

2003-10-08 21:53:25 ET

i got an email the other day
it said
'jizz shizzled on her face fo shizzle'
im never getting rid of it

2003-10-08 21:53:26 ET

I knew that was coming:)

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