one last thought...
2003-10-08 21:35:24 ET

What are you thinking you novice?

Don't you know that when you walked through the garden
it was the rose on the bush that grabbed your attention?

Your a fool to have plucked it from the bush.

Your a bigger fool for trying to strip the stem of thorns.

She needed her thorns, and now the flower is dead.

2003-10-08 21:41:13 ET

i like your thoughts

2003-10-08 21:41:42 ET

very interesting thought... i like it

2003-10-08 21:54:16 ET

One of those things that I wish was about me in a sense . . . No, I don't want dead flower-ness . . . It's just nice when someone cares you or sees you that way?

I like it as well.

2003-10-08 21:56:16 ET

there are loads of things out there that i wish were about me..think about that pretty much every time i sit down and listen to the music i listen to.

2003-10-08 21:57:21 ET

I say things about people that I wish people would say about me a lot. Heh.

2003-10-08 22:01:09 ET

I just hate people who think they are in the people changing business. It will ALWAYS backfire.

2003-10-08 22:03:55 ET

So quick to format others for their happiness, when maybe reformatting their own ideals may be much better . . . Or making an attempt to live up to their own ideals, at least. :P

2003-10-08 22:10:08 ET

exactly... F-disk your head:)

2003-10-08 22:16:41 ET

Entirely! I need to get some sleep . . . Laters!

2003-10-08 22:20:10 ET

night :-\... (agrees with the not bein' yourself with someone is more alone... then bein' alone while bein' yourself)...

2003-10-16 11:29:33 ET

nice...i guess i'm a bit stubborn in my ways but i also hate when people change for others. why can't people be themselves?

2003-10-17 04:38:59 ET

because people are stupid... :::shrugs::: it happens...

but there are a select few of us... :::myself included::: that stays single cause i have no problem bein' myself O_o hahaha

2003-10-18 06:57:32 ET

gabe, I am so with you on that one. I am going to be a crazy old cat lady. :D

2003-10-18 15:18:30 ET

hahaha... yea... :::sighs::: got my fingers crossed for somethin' someday... but not sure if it'll happen or not :-)... just hope for the best... and keep goin' about my life

2003-10-18 15:25:22 ET

Mosher... Your not the "Cat Lady" and you won't be either:)

2003-10-18 21:35:54 ET

thanks for the vote of confidence dh. :)

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