2003-10-16 12:53:20 ET

Well, my bro-in-law and I spent last weekend in jail. He and I finished a fight that we didn't even start. Now we have to deal with a BS assault charge. Lesson learned...
I have been kinda wallering in self pitty since then, but Im over that now. My Son is with his Mom. I miss him like crazy. She is supposedly gonna move to Vegas. She asked me if I would get a place with her. I said yes. Don't really know if she will do it though. She has had it rough lately. I am probably a dumbass for saying yes, but the thought of raising Jake with her is very appealing. I still love and care about her, even though she can be a superbitch. I guess I said yes because I am not doing anything else. We shall see.
I need to keep myself out of trouble...


damn, I was gonna post a pic, but I can't ftp into my own domain...?

2003-10-16 13:00:52 ET

love is a bitch man but at least you want have that what if if you had said no :)

2003-10-16 13:14:38 ET

no more jail time silly..that's no good.

you have good reasons for wanting to move back in with your ex, just don't do it only because of jake, which you aren't so that's good :) living/staying together just for a kid is not a good thing, my family has been through that (various people in my family) and it sucks.

best of luck with whatever happens :)

2003-10-16 13:18:50 ET

Thanks Ladies... :)
I don't know. I would love it to work out, but I am not gonna count chickens you know. I just will go with the flow and see what really happens.

2003-10-16 13:20:23 ET

that's what my opa (grandpa) used to say all the time

"don't count your chickens before the hatch" (only with a german accent) hehe

2003-10-16 13:22:21 ET

Ah, good luck to you on it . . . Stay weary of getting into things out of habit? I guess I don't know the situation well but it's the only advice I can offer, heh.

2003-10-16 13:40:04 ET

Jail blows, I've never been to it, but I hear it is not fun.

Good luck with Jake's mom moving in, I hope everything works for the best. Also, check out my page... under hot boys of SK.. You are on it, silly!

2003-10-16 14:41:16 ET

Damn man.. fighting? I can't see you doing such a thing! Well I hope everything turns out well...

I am saying this as a friend... moving back in with your ex-wife is a BAD thing...seems like whenever you are around her for any period of time you become unhappy and drama ensues and that is the last thing you need. You can raise your son without living your ex.. I mean hell if yoou do that then what was the point of getting divorced? Just my opinion. Whatever you decide I hope you do it after careful long-term considerations. Safe Landings :D

2003-10-16 14:56:45 ET

this is kinda random....but vasa you give amazing addvice....thats exactly what i was thinking but had no idea how to say it

2003-10-16 19:40:29 ET

Damnit Vasa_-_-_

Why you gotta get all real and shit? LOL jk... Dude, you have known me longer than most here. You know she has caused me much torment. Here is my line of thinking. Tell me if I am crazy.
The way she talks is like this.
She said she was married too young.

I agree.

Basically (broken down by my interpritation) she says she wanted to see if the grass was greener.

It wasn't.

So do I believe her?

Well I don't know what to believe so my posture is defensive.

I am taking it for what it is worth. WORDS... Thats all it is right now. I am so very curious to see where this is going. We once had it going on. Could it be there still? Fuck if I know. I would like to say I am just living right now, but I'm not. I am waisting time. I just want purpose again. I don't know if this is the answer. But maybe, maybe I can feel like part of somthing good again even just for a minute. Its better than what I have going now.

2003-10-16 19:42:11 ET

either way, the bottom line is, you have to be happy with your final decision and that decision should continue to make you happy. without that, nothing works.

2003-10-16 19:42:30 ET

You can find purpose and live again without inviting drama into your life. It takes alot to strike that gentle balance. You divorced her for a reason...time changes people but how much?

All I am saying is please no matter what....slow down and think... dont' alter your life for a hope and a prayer, again. You are doing good without her wether or not yoou think so.. no matter what void you have stress, drama and abuse are not worth it.. you can be in love with someone and not love them... right?!

2003-10-16 19:44:31 ET

you seriously should have your own talk show or something are awesome.

2003-10-16 19:46:05 ET

nah. I am not awesome. I am just a young old person... and besides.. when you have seen as much as I have in my life you learn or you die. I learned while my friends and families died. Which is why I am basically alone most of the time. Regardless, I just want my friends to be ok.

2003-10-16 19:47:42 ET

but that's what makes you awesome. you care about people. that's a serious gift that a lot of people in this world do not have.

2003-10-16 19:47:59 ET

your right Vasa, but how will I know if I don't let this take its course. She really can't fuck me up more than what I've already been through. Not that I am inviting that again, Im just gonna see what happens.

2003-10-16 19:48:46 ET

seeing what happens isn't a bad thing, but maybe she should just move closer first..not jump into moving in right away?

2003-10-16 19:49:33 ET

I don't know if that is an available option

2003-10-16 19:50:29 ET

Just to be on the safe side I would see if it could be one, not only for your sake, but also Jake's. Seeing you guys living together and then maybe having to part again might be kinda hard.

2003-10-16 19:51:54 ET

yeah. thats true. I won't jump without looking.

2003-10-16 19:52:37 ET

well, their is more than just emotionally fucking you up... you seemed to have got your finances and life straight again.. why jepodize it on a prayer?

This is just me talking. I believe that my mind and my heart are two seperate entities and should be nurished and cherished equally. Logic dictates my actions quite often but my heart influences. No matter what your decision is I hope that you consider the long term effects. What are you options if it doesn't work out? Will you be back to square one again? This is what I consider when making major decisions like this. I am not worried though. I know you will do what you think it best regardless of what anyone else says.

2003-10-16 19:52:45 ET

and don't forget your parachute

2003-10-16 19:54:06 ET

No, I figure I am pretty bulletproof now V. The long term effect are what I am looking at. I agree with the heart and the mind bieng two seperate entities though.

2003-10-16 19:54:11 ET

don't even go down that road.. I am a dirty leg... not a nasty dirty leg.. I tried but failed.. oh well... Airborne...

2003-10-16 19:55:00 ET

your no failure sluggo:)

2003-10-16 19:56:50 ET

BTW... your friend Zoe seems intriguing. Where did you find her?

2003-10-16 20:08:52 ET

on EBAY.

2003-10-16 20:10:04 ET


2003-10-17 06:28:53 ET

jail=no fun... haha :-) i hope things go well... i'd probably rather move to where my son is... then to have to live somewhere without him... life is full of a lot of tough choices O_o

2003-10-18 07:01:06 ET

vasa is a very wise man.

2003-10-21 12:01:15 ET

sorry i am posting late but access to a comp is limited. Anyways, my input on your situtation is from personal experience. I got married at 14 yada yada had a baby all that jazz. Only boyfriend i ever had and well 10 years down the road he decides he wants to see the greener grass per say? not so green so back to the other side of the fence. Basically man dont sell yourself short. I know you have a son but you need to think about you first. Once you get on track and all things will fall in place for you. Look my dad lived 5 states away and I am closer to him than my mom. Thing is life is to short to run down the same road more than twice. Once your happy your son will be too. Keep me posted on your situtation. I know it may take a bit for me to get back at ya But I will :)

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