I had too...
2003-10-18 15:00:33 ET

I put this on layaway today.
It is by a Canandian designer John Hardy who lives in Bali and was and is influenced by the Balinese artesians. All his pieces are hand made and more expensive than I can afford, but fuck it. It looks good on my wrist. This bracelet is one of his low end pieces but it is awsome to me none the less.

2003-10-18 15:05:56 ET

Thats very very pretty.

2003-10-18 15:06:43 ET

its beautiful

2003-10-18 15:12:51 ET

dang, hand made? o_O

2003-10-18 15:27:09 ET


Check him out.

2003-10-18 15:32:08 ET

I want the braclettes on the opening page for collections . ooooooooohhhhhhhhh

2003-10-18 15:33:07 ET

OMG, I know...

2003-10-18 15:59:13 ET

very pretty.
i didnt look at the prices though.

2003-10-18 16:03:49 ET

very kickin' piece :-)

2003-10-18 16:12:10 ET


I own 20 percent of it so far. I hope to go get it next week.

2003-10-18 16:13:40 ET

that's gonna be nice... O_o... i'd love to have that... i can't imagine it bein' handmade that is insane haha

2003-10-18 16:15:21 ET

Yeah, the jeweler told me it takes 6 hours per inch for that knot.

2003-10-18 16:17:51 ET

dang... that's insane O_o

2003-10-18 16:27:40 ET

yeah, I don't have that kinda patscience.

2003-10-18 16:41:56 ET

woo yea i don't think i could either... wooo... that has to take a lot of time... and a lot of precise stuff so it ends up alright

damn it would suck to screw up after it takin' all that time O_o

2003-10-19 19:31:16 ET

that's gorgeous. it looks knitted!

2003-10-19 19:31:49 ET

i tried knitting wire once

2003-10-19 19:33:31 ET

really? how did it turn out? I like the way it looks.

2003-10-19 19:38:49 ET

not very good.

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