2003-10-20 03:12:12 ET

I went to sleep last night at 5:30pm?! I just woke up at 4:30am feeling good though. My friend Jerimiah Gibson is coming to visit me from PA. He and I were in the Army together. I am looking forward to his visit. I have not seen him in three years.
I think my brother-in-law and I are gonna get off easy on the trouble we got into last weekend. We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Him and I spent most of this weekend skating. I think thats why I slept so good. hmmmm

2003-10-20 04:59:12 ET

nice pic!

2003-10-20 05:50:38 ET

yay for sleep! wanna pass some of that good sleeping my way? :)

ps. i'm supa envious of you, wish i could skate.

2003-10-20 06:41:16 ET

your pictures make me wish i still bladed.

2003-10-20 17:35:02 ET

you're so cool.

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