2003-11-05 13:24:14 ET

I think I got a new job. Right now I am doing customer service for a large builder here in Las Vegas. I don't really like it. I deal with pissed off people most of the time. Its monkey work and the pay is "OK" but its just not satisfying. So, I have been trying real hard to get back in the tech field without going into digital telecommunications (which is my field of training) because unless you work for a utility like AT&T or Sprint the chances for getting laid off are pretty good. Plus after the tech market took a dive, wages are not what they used to be. SOoooooooooooooooooooooo
The company is called Cardinal Healthcare and they own a smaller company called Pyxis. Pyxis is a company that makes pharmicutical dispensing machines that are MS windows controlled cabinets that have like 500 drawers in them and at a specified time the machine will unlock and open a drawer that the medication is in and a nurse will go ahead and administer the meds.
Pyxis needs a technician in Vegas. My ex gf who is a pharmacist at the university medical center told the Pyxis representitive that they need to hire me. They are calling me non-stop and I have been talking to them about filling the tech position. Tomorrow a man from there west coast corporate office is flying here to meet me. $28.00 an hour to start which is more than I make now. The tech here in town told me he made $27,000 in overtime last year. I made $27,000 last year period.
There are a few more things I got to work out and I am meeting the boss tonight at 6:00 so wish me luck:)

2003-11-05 13:28:13 ET

Wow Russ, I am wishing you all the luck I can. No reason you shouldn't get the position, knock em dead.

2003-11-05 14:11:36 ET

Good luck! I'm sure you'll get the job :-)

2003-11-05 15:21:55 ET

That's amazing! And well, since you are too I KNOW you'll get the job!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

2003-11-05 17:09:16 ET

all the luck in the world, though I doubt you'll really need it...

oh and the usual pixie goodness thrown in for good measure :)

2003-11-05 17:25:28 ET


The guy I met tonight is the account manager for all the hospitals in Las Vegas. He told me that as far as he is concerned I can give my current job my notice. :)

However he told me to wait until tomorrow night because I have a dinner meeting with him and his boss from California.


I am almost positive...

I got the JoB:)

I'll know for sure by tomorrow night.

2003-11-05 17:27:24 ET

Congrats Russ

2003-11-05 17:28:08 ET

Thanks Heather ~*hugs*~:) I am so stoked.

2003-11-05 17:29:57 ET

As you should be, I am excited for you. :: hugs ya back ::

2003-11-05 17:37:57 ET

you know what though? I gotta wear sleeves... :)
Damn society:)

2003-11-05 18:10:59 ET



2003-11-05 18:12:28 ET

sleeves suck, buuut uber nice job makes up for it abit.

sooner or later society is going to have to deal. i think there will be too many things they'll have to ask peopel to cover up so they'll just give up on it.

2003-11-05 19:24:44 ET

yeah, we will eventually win

2003-11-05 21:01:51 ET


you'll just have to buy fabulous long sleeved shirts. ;)

2003-11-06 03:58:45 ET


2003-11-06 04:21:12 ET

thats great...best of luck to ya!!!

2003-11-06 15:03:52 ET

Congratulations, doll!!! You rock!

2003-11-06 17:53:31 ET


ThE JoB Is MiNe!!!:)

2003-11-06 17:56:21 ET

:: does a happy dance for you :: Russ Rocks!

2003-11-06 18:01:07 ET

ty ty ty:D

I am happy... lol
Riverside is part of my departments area. Maybe I can come play and make them flip the bill. It will take me a lil while to see how it all works. Monday I will give my two weeks.

You ladies rock... I am just happy I know you girls:)

2003-11-07 02:59:37 ET

Yay! Happy for you! And us too, cuz it sounds like you may be around here every so often now... Even better! I knew you'd get it. :)

2003-11-07 05:03:54 ET

YAY TEAM!!! you are an employed person !!!

we ladies do rock... (throws the horns)

we can't help it...

2003-11-07 09:59:31 ET

*rocks out*

congrats, hon!

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