I am bored with my layout...
2003-11-12 12:51:51 ET

I need somthing new.

side note:
Don't you hate dealing with people that the only thing you can count on them for, is not being able to count on them for anything at all? urgh...

2003-11-12 12:54:53 ET

If you're counting on them for not being to count on them for anything...aren't they counting...so therefore their doing something and your counting on them for nothing becomes void so then...well...

...yeah...I lost myself

2003-11-12 12:55:23 ET

I am agreeing with the side note

2003-11-12 12:56:50 ET

I fully agree. But sometimes it takes people like that to motivate me to do things....

2003-11-12 13:17:15 ET

I think everyone has a friend like that :(

2003-11-12 13:20:04 ET

If you change your layout, don't get rid of that .gif animation thing of the person blinking. That's so cool.

2003-11-12 14:33:43 ET

my whole family is like that... so yes i do hate that!!

2003-11-12 14:46:55 ET

my whole everyone is like that...minus a few people..but for the most part that applies to the majority of the people i know

2003-11-12 16:06:02 ET

yea i've come across a lot of people like that... but i've come across a few that aren't... and i guess that is what make the people that aren't... that much more important and special to us... :::shrugs:::

2003-11-12 16:40:39 ET

that is the worst

but what can ya do right?

thats just how life is sometimes

2003-11-12 17:23:42 ET

At least you ahve an interesting back ground

2003-11-13 12:47:36 ET

hey nice to meet you too! i loooveee the picture on your front page. really killer

2003-11-13 12:55:28 ET

TY... :D

Its been on here awhile though... must get creative juices flowing...lol

Thanks again...

2003-11-13 12:56:11 ET

i'm liking the new background for the journal entries...just..thought i'd add in my two cents :)

2003-11-13 13:55:37 ET

I like your new avatar too. Frontside UFO!

2003-11-13 18:01:43 ET

TY again ladies...

you know you all rock right?

The Journal background is a picture I took in Fayetteville NC during hurricane Bonnie while I was in the Army. I took it from my front window. You can see the screen. I altered it in Photoshop to give it the red tinge. I took about 100 pics randomly that night and 5 had lightning. The one you see is the best.

Unique Black Chick: The frontside UFO was the first rail trick I learned...


2003-11-13 18:53:25 ET

hurricane, windows, and a camera....sounds like a good idea...i guess..haha :)

2003-11-13 23:14:44 ET

yea... hurricanes i must admit are the shiznit for pictures haha

2003-11-14 14:02:32 ET

^_^ hehe, "unique" he says...

2003-11-15 07:52:14 ET

It's all about natural disasters

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