2003-11-18 15:10:42 ET

I start my new job tomorrow...

My boss at my old job pissed me off severely today, so I told him to die and I quit. I called my new employer and he was like HELL YEAH, YOUR STARTING TOMORROW! Soooooo

Life for me is about to change. I am gonna be on call 24/7. No plan making for me until I figure out the system.

2003-11-18 15:14:06 ET

well good luck! You go getter... you have upper management written all over you!!

oh yeah.. I am going to Iraq in March.. just thought you would like to know.

2003-11-18 15:41:57 ET

Good luck on the new job. And Vasa can we tie you up in a closet so you don't have to go?

2003-11-18 15:46:28 ET

you can tie me up anyway you like :o

Nah doens't work that way! I don't mind going.. I just mind not being able to take my assignment in Korea which I just re-enlisted for....

2003-11-18 17:03:43 ET

that's cool about your new job, don't have too much fun :) hah.

and vasa, my friend is about to go to korea. or at least he's supposed to. be careful in Iraq...you'd better be coming back to us.

2003-11-18 19:20:11 ET

I only told one boss to die and then quit my job. I wish I had done it to more, but I am so passive-aggressive. Good luck at the new place.

2003-11-19 06:08:38 ET

Have fun with the new job!

Vasa, "keep your head low".. haha, be careful over there man.

2003-11-21 15:52:53 ET

kick ass! Congrats and all that good stuff ^_^

And I'm diggin' the background for your bio.

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