30 hours in three days
2003-11-21 22:18:14 ET

But it is so nice....

Working at hospitals all day, at nurses stations...
fixing pharmicutical machines....
Wearing a tie...
MY ID Pic...
scarey huh...

I don't know if Im a sell out or a ninja...

2003-11-21 22:21:45 ET

Don't ever think your a sell out. Your doing something to improve your life and your childs, that deserves a huge hug and a pat on the back.

2003-11-21 22:30:27 ET

i agree fully with excessive.

you aren't a sell out, i hate that term. such a negative feeling. you are a great person and don't ever feel like anything less then that. :)

and you look just fine in your picture so there's no worries there.

2003-11-21 22:34:16 ET

Congratulations for being a part of the "undercover hard-core"! It's not being a sell out darlin... what you are doing is amazing. I'm proud of you!! And besides, who you really are is a secret now... and that can be really fun :)

2003-11-21 22:37:24 ET

Oh man, that is totally true...:)

You all make me feel better...
I just said bye to my son who is on his way to Mexico right now, its a trip I am missing because of my new job sooo...

This is a lonely ass house right now!

2003-11-21 22:41:45 ET

I'd come party, but man that's a long drive and I don't think I'd make the drive home after visiting.

PS, if you are still interested in the tickets to that concert we spoke about a while ago, let me know, they will be making a few stops in the vegas area. :)

2003-11-21 22:45:25 ET

hell yeah... you should go too...

2003-11-21 22:52:45 ET

i'm going to try and hint to my dad that i'd like to, but the thing with me and my dad is that i know that if i ask him he'll probably say yes and fly me out there. i just hate asking cause i feel like he feels like he has to do all this stuff to make up for not being there. and i don't want him to you know? but even if i don't, i'm sure i can get you and whoever you want to take with you in. so as soon as i know when they will be there i'll let you know :)

2003-11-22 01:46:07 ET

I'm with them. ninja, not sell out. being responsible is hawt. :)

2003-11-22 02:45:42 ET

You're a spy... aren't you?

2003-11-22 13:22:03 ET

What they said. And Besides, you look cute in a tie.

2003-11-22 21:46:25 ET

I vote "ninja".

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