no VACATION 4 me
2003-11-25 15:35:19 ET

blood stains, speed kills, fast cars, cheap thrills, rich girls, fine wine... I've lost my sense, I've lost control, I've lost my mind...

My whole family is drunk on the beach in Mexico. Even my son is there. My exwife I guess is gonna drive up and have Thanksgiving dinner with me.

Work is going great. On call @ 3:00 am is different, but I can handle it.

I went to Dumont sand dunes with an army friend the weekend b4 last. That was ALOT of fun. I have to post some pics...

Just busy busy busy

2003-11-25 15:52:08 ET

I'm thinken that under the circomstances, I could do without the blood spills and speed kills part.. but the rest is okay!

Lol... I hope you have a very, very happy holiday :)

2003-11-25 15:52:26 ET

yes yes you better post pictures :)

glad you had fun at the dunes..that would probably kill my allergies so no sand dune fun for me. hah

2003-11-25 16:15:04 ET

ty ladies:)

I've got a quiet house, 40oz of mickeys and a bubble bath...

and some floaties... (just in case)

2003-11-25 16:15:19 ET

How come your not on the beaches, is it work or your ex wife?

Being on call at 3 would suck I just can't imagin waking up for a nice plesant dream and going into work.

My father used to three wheel and dirt bike in the Dunes, he tells me so many interestig stories. Someday I'm gonna go there..

2003-11-25 16:54:25 ET

well insubordinate...

My job is new and very cool, the 24/7 on call thing is not so bad. I'm not in Mexico cause of work not the ex. When I have to deal with the ex, I count on nothing. lol

The dunes were so cool... It was like all about toys with TOO much power, beer and cheeseburgers. MUCH fun.

BTW: How are you?

2003-11-25 18:59:09 ET

I just got an interesting visual of russ...with floaties..hah.

2003-11-25 20:23:50 ET


you rock girl:)

2003-11-25 20:59:52 ET

a bubble bath sounds fun. have a great holiday, hon. :)

2003-11-26 08:08:03 ET

hope you have a nice holiday...
the dunes sounds like fun

2003-11-26 09:43:46 ET

Have a very happy thanksgiving russ <3 <3 <3

2003-11-29 16:50:04 ET

I could so use a party right now--that sounds incredible.

2003-11-30 05:28:01 ET

Well ironicaly my exwife cancelled on me. That was the part I almost counted on. I have been working alot.

Bugsy, I want a party too!!! Where and when:)

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