Well, he's off to his Mom's... again.
2003-12-03 03:19:14 ET

Goodmorning everyone:)

My son is getting so big. He is off to stay with his flakey ass Mom. She ofcourse dissed me for Thanksgiving. I ofcourse stayed home and ate hotdogs and drank the traditional 40ozers of malt liquer (just like the pilgrims did).

I took that this morning... YOU GOTTA LUV THE CHUCKS! :)

Also, a lil late but here is some dune pics from my Dumont trip.

My buddy Gibson and I...

I already miss my boy. Working to much to get in trouble though...

2003-12-03 06:04:12 ET

hes adorable! kids who wear chucks always turn out good. i did.
and um.. dont kill yourself. please.
maybe its just my weird motherly instincts, but that looks a little dangerous.

2003-12-03 06:17:35 ET

you guys are so lucky to heave each other. :) wait until he's old enough to go skating/riding with you! :D

2003-12-03 08:03:06 ET

you keep posting pictures of him and i'm going to have to start sending him presents...show me a cute kid, and i wanna buy them stuff :) hah.

he's adorable must take after his dad ;)

2003-12-03 17:34:23 ET

Well said, Sara. And I DO love his chucks. I have the same ones. :D

2003-12-03 18:57:04 ET

I do too:)
Bow down and kiss my fuckin converse mother fucker...
WOW! I feel better.
He looks so cute cause his mom is a lil hot BITCH! Well on the outside. If I thought he looked like me when he was born, I would have drowned him. So he gets her good looks and my attitude. jk

no, I should have drowned her. jk or not...

2003-12-03 19:05:03 ET

naw, i think he takes after his dad..you are both adorable ;) but it wouldn't be so cute for me to send you cloths and stuff haha.

2003-12-03 19:06:47 ET

ship your own lil ass out here:) we could just go shopping:)

2003-12-03 19:08:00 ET

haha that would be dangerous :) i don't think i'd have enough money for that shopping trip haha and by the end of it mini-you would have a whole new wardrobe haha

2003-12-03 19:10:30 ET

he needs nothing...

he is so spoiled its incredible.

2003-12-03 19:12:25 ET

that means nothing to me haha i'm an addict for anything that involves buying stuff for kids :)

and i'd throw in a few christmas gifts for you as well, could you drag me from the kids section.

i'm really bad..mom and i have to divert ourselves away from that half of the store when we go shopping

2003-12-03 19:14:36 ET

you could shop for me in the toy department:)

Tasha... you rock girl:)

2003-12-03 19:15:53 ET

hehe *blush* thanks...

but you rock more..mr. i can skate..and go to the dunes..and be all cool in my tie.. ;)

2003-12-03 19:16:19 ET

im a kid.. buy me things?

2003-12-03 19:17:48 ET

kid = under the age of 12 (physically and mentally, not just mentally hehe :) )

2003-12-03 19:19:02 ET

mr. i can skate..and go to the dunes..and be all cool in my tie.. ;)

What Tasha?

After my Dad died in 01 I decided I need to get my ass busy living... My latest thing is my guitar lessons. I fuckin love my guitar. It keeps me sane, it keeps me from killing... :P

2003-12-03 19:20:19 ET

Fakeambition I'll buy you stuff.

come have a seat right here and tell me what you want for Christmas:P

2003-12-03 19:20:27 ET

what are we asking what about?? hahah man i am getting confused lately tonight.

i need to get guitar lessons..always wanted to learn.

2003-12-03 19:22:12 ET

i need knitting needles..
and new leather pants..
a new job, a new house. you know.

2003-12-03 19:23:12 ET

wow, your santa this year? i don't remember my santa being hot.. ;)

2003-12-03 19:23:46 ET

damn right. and i get to sit in his lap.

2003-12-03 19:23:58 ET


2003-12-03 19:24:29 ET


2003-12-03 19:25:06 ET

There is lap for everyone...

2003-12-03 19:26:21 ET

*claps* yay!

haha i'm going to start calling you hot santa from now on ;)

2003-12-03 19:30:08 ET

oh no, don't do that...


I'll pull your hair:P

2003-12-03 19:31:20 ET

otay...i won't...can i still call ya hot though?? ;)

2003-12-03 19:32:36 ET

Can I still pull your hair?

2003-12-03 19:34:09 ET

why do you wanna pull my hair ??

2003-12-03 19:36:19 ET

can I?

2003-12-03 19:36:37 ET

I'll be nice

2003-12-03 19:36:43 ET


2003-12-03 19:40:32 ET

i guess if you really really wanna pull my hair i can live with it hah

2003-12-04 08:37:26 ET

hottie santa! hottie santa!

fakeambition, you knit? SISTAH!

2003-12-04 08:42:43 ET

oops..guess i accidentally started something there :)

2003-12-04 19:55:49 ET

heeee. yay sara!

2003-12-12 11:11:53 ET

Awww! Your son is cute! And I'm lovin' the Chucks :P

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