its been a while...
2004-05-15 19:27:50 ET

Working my ass off.

Things will slow down soon.

2004-05-15 19:57:27 ET

careful not to work it all off, you may need it one day. they say those "ass" things come in handy for sitting down and such hehe. oooh..and it'd be good padding to have around if you ever fell skating *nodnod*....ok...tasha has been hanging around matt and eric way too long..i'm babbling incoherently...i'll leave now...

2004-05-15 20:27:08 ET

Good to see your still around sorry about having to work soo much. I wanna make a trip out there soon, maybe if I can plan it we can meet up again.

2004-05-16 05:53:12 ET

its good to know your alive

hope all is well

2004-05-16 07:50:10 ET


be well!

2004-05-17 03:49:17 ET

*hugs* Hope you get a break soon :)

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