things I learned yesterday...
2004-05-18 04:30:52 ET

I am not the inside joke...
I love coffee...(I already knew this)
Floating bridges are for people who like to tune there guitar CONSTANTLY!
that is all.

2004-05-18 06:32:09 ET

you aren't the inside joke?? tehe

2004-05-18 07:12:13 ET

funny u r

2004-05-18 07:13:11 ET


2004-05-18 07:51:00 ET

"funny u r" ? ...ok yoda...

but what if you are the inside joke? just not the inside joke in that case? hmmhmm??? something for yoda to ponder indeed.

*boogies on down*

2004-05-18 12:39:41 ET

I thought of that as I wrote the first post...

What if my inside joke was to let other people think I was naive enough to be there inside joke/s in a few situations, you know, for leverage and such. That kinda makes them the inside joke...... huh...
Yoda was a Jedi.
I am a ninja.


2004-05-18 15:00:39 ET

sessy ninja indeed!! ooooh, did i say that outloud, ewww, my bad

ninja indeed!

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