My Sons B-Day Today...
2004-05-19 07:23:01 ET

Yep, Jake is four today. We are gonna go to the gokart grand prix and eat pizza. This weekend we will have a party. Its all pretty crazy. Four years ago today at this time I was TIRED but extremely proud. I kinda wish he could share this with his Mom too but she is incapable still. I hope today is good for him.

2004-05-19 07:27:42 ET

Awe!! Happy birthday to Jake! :D

And nice to see you three days in a row, darlin!

2004-05-19 07:32:07 ET

*hugs* Happy Birthday to Jake!

you will make his day good for him

2004-05-19 08:35:45 ET

*busts out in song...but then stops cause i can't sing* happy birthday to jake:D

2004-05-19 09:29:46 ET

send my happy birthday wishes his way

2004-05-19 14:15:02 ET

You make me feel i'm not in my struggles alone!

Kudos on being a good Dad!


2004-05-20 09:10:51 ET

Thanks everyone. He had a great time. I was in a 2 seater with him, and we were TOTALLY bumping people, which made him laugh so hard that I couldn't stop. So I got scolded by a 18 year old gokart attendant. It was worth it.

SINoBYTE, you got ninja skills too bro!

2004-05-20 11:01:50 ET

danke man!

2004-05-20 12:38:27 ET

You and I are ninja's and our plans for world domination are coming to a head... oops did I say that out loud?

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