time is running out....*cries*
2004-05-21 05:01:09 ET

ok people, time is of the essence here, someone really needs to hurry up and buy me THIS!

Things I learned yesterday...

1.Eddie Munster gets pissed when you don't tell him what he wants to hear.

2.Sleeping with friends is a sure fire way to fuck up friendship.

3.I love coffee (duh)

4.A 1978 Toyota Landcruiser rear axle wheel bearing will fit a 84 Toyota 4runner in a pinch.

5. five, five, five for my loney...
(sorry I got carried away)

that is all...

2004-05-21 07:30:18 ET

I think we all love coffee. How'd you find out about Eddie Munster?

2004-05-21 07:31:56 ET


2004-05-22 06:09:11 ET

If I ever become filthy rich, I'll keep you in mind and buy it for you.. haha.

2004-05-22 09:42:11 ET

THANK YOU! :) How are you...

2004-05-22 11:29:51 ET

5 hours left...

2004-05-22 13:11:34 ET

I'm doing very well. New good guy and 6 days until graduation :)

2004-05-22 13:55:50 ET


I am so busy Im going coo-coo. Having a great time doing it though:)!

2004-05-22 14:31:21 ET

the rediscovery of your love for coffee is amazing :oP

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