2004-09-07 08:32:15 ET

2004-09-07 08:41:49 ET

now with patented "Happy memory white glow"

nice pic

2004-09-07 09:58:01 ET

That has to be one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen

2004-09-07 10:15:40 ET

like father like son...

2004-09-07 11:54:23 ET


2004-09-08 09:51:23 ET

how adorable are you two?!

2004-09-08 13:40:34 ET

awwww!!!!... if i ever have a lil' boy...!!... i will most def. get him a lil' guitar...
that's the cutest pic

2004-09-12 17:50:49 ET

That is just too priceless. :O)))))

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