2005-05-17 07:35:40 ET

Hey all,

Been a while. Jake and I are CrAzY busy. Hope your all well.
Things Ive learned in last 6 months:
Thought it would be cool to date a 18 year old.
I was wrong.

2005-05-17 09:09:10 ET

Good to see you back.

I think 21+ is a good age.

2005-05-17 10:47:32 ET

And you live! hehe..yes umm..hmm 18 yr old...that's even a bit young for me must go at least above the legal drinkin age ;)

glad you are doing good though

2005-05-17 11:23:19 ET

the rule..."if i must buy them their beer bc they CANNOT BY LAW buy it themselves...not worth it".

so glad to see you are alive though. i have been missing you.

oh! i promise i will be able to return your return call soon. i too have been hella busy.

2005-05-17 19:34:26 ET

Welcome back. I thought you were gone for good.

2005-09-26 10:16:37 ET

I miss my russ!

2010-02-04 15:15:32 ET


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